REVIEW: Revolution, Low Row, Sunderland

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Like moths to a flame, the Easter weekend sunshine meant we were drawn to Revolution’s roof garden to catch some rays while we could.

There’s something to be said for reliably-good food and, although pub chains don’t always dish up the best meals, this one breaks that mould.

What’s more, its roof garden, on the occasion when the sun shines on Sunderland, makes you feel like you’re abroad ... well almost.

Well-placed greenery sort of obscures the busy road below, while chilled daytime beats set the scene for an afternoon of drinking and eating just nicely.

The menu changes with the seasons, with this one offering some fresh and light options for spring – though hearty food lovers can still seek comfort in the burger section.

For those with a bikini or Speedos to shoe-horn into this summer, there’s also some options which go easy on your waistline, such as The Skinny, a breadless burger with home-made sweet potato wedges or house salad and vodka salsa.

Our option was kind of healthy– the houmous wrap – £5.50.

Shop-bought sandwiches of this ilk often skimp on the main ingredient, but this one was oozing with the stuff.

Some crunch was added thanks to some carrot, cucumbers and peppers.

The house coleslaw also went down a treat. It was a pretty number, beetroot must have been added to give it a pinkish tone, and it wasn’t too heavy on the mayonnaise.

House salads and a side of olives were a bargain at £2 and £2.50 respectively. The latter were presented on a trendy vintage plate and there was a big enough portion to last us the afternoon.

In between bites, we made our way through the drinks menu.

Like the food, it changes to reflect the seasons and boasts a large range of fruit-based tipples.

Katy Wheeler