Review: Nagomi, Stowell Street, Newcastle

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I’D love to be writing this review full of sushi from a Sunderland eaterie.

However, our city centre is not known for its wide range of global gastronomic delights, thus forcing me to cross the Tyne for this particular food fix.

As a regular patron of Yo Sushi, I decided to give another sushi place a whirl.

With pal Laura in tow, we headed straight to China Town where the bright lights of Nagomi lured us in.

It’s all very modern inside – funky lights and all that jazz – but most importantly for me it serves its sushi on a conveyer belt.

For those sushi virgins out there this means the food passes by you at your seat and you just pick off what you want.

This is a good way to quickly satisfy a rumbling tum, but not so good for your waistline or purse as it makes the morsels on offer less easy to resist.

They whiz by on different coloured plates which correspond to the price of the dish which ranges from the £2 to the £6 mark each.

First up, I had a classic, the salmon nigiri, which is the freshest of salmon perched on sticky sushi rice. It’s one of the lightest of sushi rolls, but it set me up well for some more adventurous choices.

I also tried some California eel maki, Arctic clam and cucumber, washed down with some miso soup.

My dining partner, though a fan of sushi, prefers to steer clear of the fishier options.

She doesn’t like the look of them and finds the thought of raw fish off-putting. Plenty of people are the same, but sushi isn’t just fish-based

There’s plenty of meat and vegetable options for non-fish fans. Plus, you can order soup and noodle dishes from about £7.95.

The bento box takeaway options are also a good choice. You can get chicken katsu curry with rice for £7.95 or a tempura soft shell crab with rice for £9.50 among the many options.

Our bill was pricy at £35 for lunch, but we had filled our boots somewhat.

Our lack of paper money meant we also missed out on a discount by paying on our cards.

Fingers crossed, Sunderland soon catches on.