REVIEW Mamma Mia, Above the Jolly Sailor, East Street, Whitburn.

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MAMMA Mia – yes we’ll go yet again.

MAMMA Mia – yes we’ll go yet again.

After visiting this Italian restaurant in its early days I had a hunch a bit of work was destined to be carried out once it had got its feet under its dining tables.

We headed there one Friday evening recently as my brother returned home to the North East for the weekend and after dad’s golf mates continued to tell him it was worth a revist.

Since that first time, a bit of redecoration has been done to the upstairs venue, which still has a pub feel to it, but is certainly more warm and welcoming than it was.

The staff were still as swift and friendly as before and Chris and I soon had drinks and menus in our hands as we waited for our parents.

Once we’d all settled at the table and chosen, it wasn’t long before our two servings of potato skins to share appeared, with a short pause before our main courses.

My brother chose tagliatelle nocina, pasta in a Bolognese and cream sauce and mum opted for penne mamma, quills of pasta with chicken in a tomato, cream and garlic sauce, which were both £4.90, with a pound off as we were eating during happy hour, which runs from 5pm to 7pm.

Dad went for ravioli of lobster served in a creamy tomato sauce at £8.90 and I picked beef stroganoff, which came with rice, but also asked for vegetables too for a bit of variation.

All were lovely. Other dishes we could have chosen include salads of chicken and bacon, tuna and prawns and green beans and mozzarella, along with plenty of pizzas and other pastas, meats and seafood

Looking at the menu now, I wish I’d tried one of the house specials.

A risotto made with cannellini beans and pancetta, a pasta made with broccoli and bacon and another made with clams and courgette sound worth a try.

As it was happy hour, we all decided to have sweet too, with profiteroles served to the boys, mum digging in to chocolate fudge cake and I went for Amaretto mouse, which was an ice-cream dome of almond and cream with caramel sauce on top.

The final bill, including drinks, came to £62.40.

Fiona Thompson