Review: Jayelles, Queens Parade, Seaburn

Jayelles cafe and bistro at Seaburn.
Jayelles cafe and bistro at Seaburn.
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MY partner and I were really looking forward to this.

One of the last times we had popped into somewhere on the off chance for a midday bite was D’Acqua, and that turned into one of our favourite restaurants in the city.

So having enjoyed what Jayelles had to offer one busy Sunday afternoon towards the end of last year, we fancied checking out its bistro evening menu.

We weren’t disappointed.

The seafront eaterie is cosy and nicely decorated – a bit cold for eating outside at the minute mind – and there was plenty of choice on offer.

Starters included venison terrine, smoked chicken and Roquefort salad, and haggis, neeps and tatties.

My partner had the goats cheese and cherry tomato tartlet, with caramelised red onion dressing and side salad, which was “just right” and “not too much cheese.”

The special included more adventurous starters, such as carpaccio of beef with beetroot and walnut dressing.

I opted for the tiger prawn and pink grapefruit salad, with lime aioli, at which my partner oddly revealed that the idea of putting fruit in salads makes her “cross.”

Nevertheless, I liked it, but was much more impressed with what was to come.

A large choice of mains included venison steak, salmon fillet with prawn and crab bisque, beer-batted haddock and game and Guinness casserole.

I had the ravioli of pumpkin, with sage and lemon butter, wild rocket, fresh parmesan, truffle shavings and sun-dried tomatoes, served with garlic bread.

It was marvellous – one of the best dishes I have had for ages.

Fabulous flavours, lots of rocket and cheese, and the pumpkin making it a nice and strong dish.

I was in heaven and so was my partner.

She said she had been dreaming about steak pie earlier in the day, and was delighted when she saw the menu.

Homemade steak pie, tender chunks of beef in shortcrust pastry, served with a rich gravy, seasonable vegetables and mash (chosen over chunky chips).

With thick, lush gravy, it certainly looked the business – even to someone who doesn’t eat red meat, and she described it as “absolutely perfect” and having “hit the spot.”

After two great dishes, how would the puds fair?

Well, brilliant as it happens.

My partner elbowed the Dime bar cake and went for the caramel apple pie with toffee sauce and custard, instead.

It may not be the best choice for new year diet resolutions, but she didn’t care and absolutely loved it.

I also threw pointless waistline caution to the wind and without hesitation ordered Bailey’s chocolate cheesecake, with pouring cream.

Cheesecake can sometimes be too thin, blow-away-in-the-wind portions.

But not this. This was a proper slab, with a thick base and deep topping.

It tasted gorgeous. Never mind a slice, I wanted the whole thing.

The total cost of the meal for two was £49.55.

Considering it was a Saturday night, and that included a £10.85 bottle of wine, I think that was an absolute bargain.

“We’re coming here again,” I was told. And for once, there was no way I was going to disagree.