REVIEW: Ed’s Easy Diner, The Bridges, Sunderland

Ed's Easy Diner in the Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland.
Ed's Easy Diner in the Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland.
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A BUSY shopping trip in Sunderland city centre had left us in search of somewhere to feed our growing hunger.

Ed’s Easy Diner is a place we hadn’t tried before so it seemed an ideal opportunity to test the recently opened restaurant.

Both of us like a good burger or hot dog, and with a busy menu on the board displayed at the front of the site, we were quickly seated by a waiter.

There are a wide selection of drinks on offer, but as this is a 50s style American diner, we both opted for a milkshake.

You get a huge jug each (£4.35), enough to fill up two glasses and it didn’t disappoint.

I opted for a banana shake while my girlfriend had a strawberry one.

Refreshing and full of flavour it set us up perfectly for our meal.

What a shame then that the meal itself proved to be a let down.

Ed’s offers a packed menu with fried chicken, seafood platters and salads, but I went for the chilli cheese burger (£7.25) with a side order of classic fries (£2.95).

To describe what was served up as “classic fries” seemed to me to be pretty misleading.

What arrived was a bowl of thick chips, not fries at all. I could’ve gone to the nearest burger van and got something similar for much cheaper.

The burger was nothing to write home about either. I couldn’t really taste much of the chilli and the beef patty itself hadn’t been seasoned much.

I’ve had burgers at other restaurants in the area recently which knocked the socks of this paltry effort and for roughly the same price.

To have paid more than £10 for this dish was a real disappointment.

My girlfriend chose the classic burger called “The Original”, and also felt the same about what was served up.

The meal came with chips, coleslaw and onion rings and despite being a healthy portion which she struggled to finish, it wasn’t enjoyable.

Maybe we chose the wrong options from that extensive menu.

You’d expect with the company being a national chain that these recipes have been honed and perfected, but I didn’t detect that much effort had gone into either.

Because of the bad experience with the mains, we decided not to bother with dessert, although some of the choices such as waffles, pancakes and sundaes sounded quite appetising.

The Bridges had a plethora of coffee shops, but no other restaurants other than Ed’s.

It may be harsh to lay all the blame at Ed’s door, but surely more should be on offer for those starving after treking around the shops, particularly in winter.

With the venue only being open a few months, the interior is clean and tidy, while service couldn’t really be faulted either, with our waiter keen to accommodate our every need.

But for one course with drinks to come to £29.65, you really expect a lot better quality than this.

There’s a discount scheme customers can take advantage of, but after this visit I don’t think we’ll be returning anytime soon to use it.