REVIEW: Burnmoor Cricket Club, Chester Road, Bournmoor

Burnmoor Cricket Club, Chester Road, Bournmoor
Burnmoor Cricket Club, Chester Road, Bournmoor
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This venue isn’t a well-known place beyond the few miles surrounding it, but it’s quickly becoming the go-to place for a top Sunday lunch.

I’d been told about Burnmoor Cricket Club a few times by friends and family although I hadn’t even noticed it for years.

Burnmoor Cricket Club Sunday lunch

Burnmoor Cricket Club Sunday lunch

Situated just off the A183 (Chester Road to locals), it’s one of those places you could be forgiven for missing if you go past en route to somewhere else.

But give the food a go and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The bar area has a welcoming feel to it, with Sky Sports on for those who fancy taking in a live football match during their visit.

Because the Sunday lunches are so revered, it was no shock to see the food hall busy and bustling with diners as we headed in.

There’s a varied menu, and with more than 10 people in our party, most of us decided to have a starter.

I went for the potato skins (£2.70).

I was presented with a healthy heap of them, accompanied by a pot of garlic mayonnaise.

This set up the main perfectly, for which I had chosen chicken fillet.

Sometimes when you’re out for Sunday dinner, it does feel that certain aspects of the meal, either the meat or the vegetables, can be poor, perhaps because the staff have been cooking so much of the same dish all day.

That is one accusation you can’t make here.

You can tell that plenty of care goes into each course.

My chicken was cooked to perfection, succulent and just the right portion size.

The vegetables, stuffing and roasties were fresh and packed with flavour while the Yorkshire pudding and gravy couldn’t be faulted.

You feel even more satisfied when you realise the course costs just £5.50, cheaper than others in the area.

Pork and beef are also available, with diners having to pay £1.20 extra for the lamb shank.

And those wanting to have a dessert can get all three courses for just £8.50.

I opted for the jam sponge, which is traditionally served with custard. But as I’m not a fan of the yellow stuff, the helpful staff were happy to let me have it with cream.

The cricket club doesn’t just do Sunday lunches as throughout the week steaks, curries, toasties and other favourites are on offer.

If I needed any excuse to go again, I certainly have one now.

David Allison