Kingdom World Buffet, Haymarket, Newcastle

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FOOD from all round the world and as much to eat as I want?

I didn’t need to hear much more before I was ready to hit the road.

Kingdom World Buffet promises to bring you food from just about everywhere and it’s true – there aren’t many restaurants where you can end up with sushi, a taco, curry and Yorkshire puddings on your plate.

Not that I did. But it’s nice to have the option if craving or food indecision overtakes you.

The latest addition to Newcastle’s blossoming buffet scene is perched on top of the new-look Haymarket Metro station, which we made a couple of circuits of before we found the right door.

It’s first difference is as you walk through the double doors at the top of a flight of stairs – at Kingdom, you pay up-front to eat.

The seating area is huge – with room for 190 diners – and the buffet itself is a short stroll from the furthest point of the restaurant.

Some grumbling about the distance to carry food, but then we turned a corner and all was forgiven.

An array of food stations are laid out, with ample space in between to wander round and see what whets your appetite.

I made a direct line for the rows of sushi artfully laid out on ice, while my pal wandered off in search of scran from the other side of the world.

He was soon stocked up on freshly-cooked burgers from the grill area, while I finished off my first plateful with a piping hot pile of dim sum.

If Japanese or American dishes aren’t your thing, Kingdom will happily take you to all points of the globe.

French, Mongolian, Spanish, Chinese and even traditional British grub are there for the scooping up.

Some dishes looked fresher than others and at some, like the noodle bar, are whipped up from scratch.

I enjoyed platefuls of Thai green curry, fat king prawns, paired incongruously with grilled Halloumi cheese, while my friend had an equally odd combination of chunky chips, hot dogs and sweet and sour chicken.

Once your savoury cravings are satisfied, Kingdom comes up trumps again with a mini-ice cream parlour and a colourful range of tiny sugary delights.

Kingdom boasts of serving up more than 300 dishes from 15 countries and we managed to tick off at least 10.

We weren’t boozing, but if you fancy a tipple, Kingdom’s bar serves cocktails a bargain £4.20, as well as beers and lagers from around the world.

For traditionalists and tea-lovers, you can also sup on a delicate Chinese pearl tea or watch an artist flower tea unfold, for £3. Or chug down pints of fizzy pop, like my pal. Buffet prices vary from £9.50 on weekday lunchtimes to £15.99 at weekend evenings. We managed a good feed and drinks for about £30.

Jane O’neill

Twitter: @janethejourno