Just the tonic: Sunderland butcher creates gin sausage

Butcher John Stirk
Butcher John Stirk
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Have a butchers at this - a city businessman has created a gin sausage.

Inspired by people’s love of the trendy tipple, John Stirk has incorporated a rhubarb and ginger gin into his best-selling pork sausages.

The ginger and rhubarb gin sausages

The ginger and rhubarb gin sausages

It’s proved to be a banger of an idea with the gin sausages often selling out at Stirks Butchers before midday.

The butcher, who has three branches in Fulwell, Grangetown and Pallion, recently opened The Broadway Stirks Steakhouse at the former Wavendon pub off Chester Road.

He said: “We do cocktails at the restaurant using a Whitley Neill rhubarb and ginger gin which is one of our best-selling drinks. It’s amazing how popular it is, so we thought about how we could incorporate that into one of our sausages. We’ve experimented with different flavours before, like a sweet chilli and Irn-Bru version, and Jack Daniels honey whiskey and black pudding.

“We always look to do something different, so this time my brother Stephen came up with a recipe using the gin in one of our traditional pork sausage, along with ginger ale and rhubarb jam as we couldn’t just put only gin in a sausage, we needed to add other ingredients into the mix too.”

The quirky sausages have already proved a hit at the butcher shops, which sells around a metric tonne of sausages a week, with plans to introduce them as a specials starter at the new steakhouse restaurant.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds was invested in transforming the well-known pub into the new bar and restaurant which opened for business in June.