It’s time you know all about Nudo’s secret

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It’s time you know all about Nudo’s secret

Are you in the know about Nudo? Tucked away behind Newcastle’s sprawling Gate leisure complex – a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show – this is Asian food being done properly on the edges of China Town.

The term “Asian fusion” is as ubiquitous now in dining circles as pulled pork – and not always as tasty.

However, the chefs at Nudo really do know their way round the Far East.

The menu includes sushi, noodle dishes, dim sum and more.

Dishes arrive in no particular order and sharing is encouraged, so we ordered a Vietnamese-inspired beef pho noodle soup, pork dumplings “northern style”, unagi kabayaki or eel sushi and salt and spicy soft shell crab from the specials board.

The steaming hot soup was packed with chillis, which I managed to accidentally apply to my eye. Not recommended. Apart from not being a great eye wash, the soup was heavy on noodles, but light on beef.

Definitely enough for two to share, but we were bored with the flat, thick noodles once the meat was gone.

However, eel sushi slipped down a treat – firm, sweet meat combined, wrapped with crunchy nori – an authentic dining journey far away from pre-packaged supermarket sushi.

The dumplings were more-ish fat balls of meat wrapped in a crispy coating. My fella claimed he could eat a bowl of them on their own.

Star of table was the soft shell crab. Once you’ve coped with putting crab legs, shell and all in your mouth, the spice-coated crab was outstanding – soft and succulent.

Nudo’s staff don’t have a lot to say and with a large menu, some guidance would be appreciated.

However, service was swifter than the last time I visited, when I ended up taking my meal with me to the theatre.

Despite some gripes over service, Nudo’s is still a hidden food gem.

With two traditional Chinese teas – sweet ginger and jasmine tea ball, with its own slowly unfolding flower – our meal came to about £26.

Jane O’Neill

Twitter: @janethejourno