How to make the perfect steak with Miller & Carter Sunderland

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Around 1,500 steaks a week are being devoured at Miller & Carter Sunderland - and we were given a behind the scenes look at how they're prepared.

Since opening in June the chain, which took over the former Harvester in Newcastle Road in Fulwell, has proved a popular addition to Sunderland.

Miller and Carter in Fulwell, Sunderland

Miller and Carter in Fulwell, Sunderland

It handles around 200 covers a night, despite many people questioning its choice of out-of-town location when it first opened.

Kitchen manager Brett Walker said: "From Thursday to Saturday nights we're mostly full booked. The trade has been really consistent. I don't think people were sure how the restaurant would do here, but all 100 Miller & Carters are graded and Sunderland is one of the best performing in the North in terms of the high amount of steaks sold and the variety of steaks that people order."

Brett recently graduated from Miller & Carter steak school where he visited the farm, abattoir and cutting plant where the steaks are butchered ahead of their arrival in Sunderland.

He said: "It's really interesting to get that background into the steaks, it's rare for restaurants to give you the chance to see the product from start to finish. Part of my job is to check every steak when it comes to us and I can tell immediately if that animal has had a good life, just from the meat. It tells a story. If I don't think they're good enough, I send them back."