Help us choose our Italian Restaurant of the Year - here’s the top 10

We want to find the Italian restaurant of the year.
We want to find the Italian restaurant of the year.

We’ve got our finalists for the Italian Restaurant of the Year 2017 - and now the competition is all about finding who will be number one.

You’ve given us 10 mouth-watering candidates and now it’s time to ensure your favourite nets the top spot.

A pasta or a pizza? Spaghetti or penne? Pepperoni or anchovy?

We all love to sit down to an Italian meal and, with thousands of Italian restaurants in the UK, we all have our favourite.

Now we want you to tell us which local restaurant gets your vote.

It could be because of the fresh and innovative cuisine, traditional-style dishes, select and exclusive dishes you can find in only the restaurant you use.

Perhaps you love the friendly staff, the traditional style or the outrageous décor of the restaurant?

Maybe it’s so much more than a place you go to for a pizza or a pasta?

Closing date for voting is 10am, Monday, December 18, 2017.

The only way to vote is via a coupon which you’ll find in the newspaper.

Please be aware photocopied or defaced coupons will not be accepted.

Coupons hand-delivered to the office or any received after the closing date will also not be accepted.


SEC001 Bella Mamma, Darlington Road, Durham.

SEC004 Angelos West Sunniside Ltd, 48 West Sunniside, Sunderland.

SEC005 Marcello’s Restaurant, 5 Albion Place, Sunderland.

SEC007 Tosca, 25 Derwent Street, Sunderland.

SEC008 Romano, 63 Front Street, Cleadon.

SEC011 Little Italy, 1 Whitburn Road, Sunderland.

SEC012 Gabriele’s, 4 Queens Parade, Sunderland.

SEC014 Martinos, Dykelands Road, Sunderland.

SEC015 San Marinos, 141 Chester Road, Sunderland.

SEC016 Bellini’s, Dovedale Road, Sunderland.