Ed’s Easy Diner, Red Mall, MetroCentre

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WHEN I passed boards in the MetroCentre proclaiming Ed’s Diner was coming soon I gasped with glee.

I’ve visited one of the American-themed diners in London and bemoaned the fact we don’t have one at home.

At the first opportunity I attempted to rally friends, so they could try the culinary delights, however, apparently drinking in the sunshine held more appeal so it was left to best pal Leigh and I to sample the menu.

On arrival we were shocked by the long queue of people outside and even more so when told we would have to wait an hour to be seated, but we took a menu and our place in the line.

Thankfully we only waited a few minutes and once seated we didn’t need time to decide what we wanted.

The waitress looked stunned as we rattled off: two bacon-cheese burgers, or Big Bubbas as they’re called here (£6.95), atomic onion rings (£4.95), sweet potato fries (£3.95), classic fries (£2.95), a Coke float (£3.15) and a large Diet Coke (£2.35).

That sounds like a lot of food for two girls, but we were lining our stomachs for a night out and it was lunch and tea in one.

The tasty, succulent burgers, stacked with American cheese and crispy bacon in a sesame seed bun make for one of the best burgers I think I’ve ever had.

The sweet potato fries – crispy, and slightly sweet and salty – have also become a firm favourite and are a good option if you don’t want to order classic fries.

I was disappointed with the onion rings because the batter was soggy and they stuck together.

They did, however, come with the best condiments of guacamole, jalapeño jelly, sour cream, chilli and nacho cheese.

After a marathon effort we cleared the plates and were left to let the food settle.

We then asked the slightly flustered staff for the dessert menu and chose to share a peanut butter and banana milkshake (£4.25), as there are two servings in one jug.

Fit to burst, we left still talking about our dining experience – it looks like Ed’s Diner will be a hit.

Monica Turnbull