City centre car park to be set alight as part of fiery dance show

Faust by Southpaw Dance Company
Faust by Southpaw Dance Company
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Don’t be alarmed if you see flames shooting from St Mary’s Car park - it’s part of a fiery dance production.

Despite its saintly name, the city centre car park will be transformed into a devilish 1920s speakeasy, complete with flaming set, for Southpaw Dance Company’s production of Faust.



A swinging 1920s piece, featuring breakdancing, bootleggers and big band music, it tells the story of Faust as he battles the devil for his soul after stumbling unaware into the joint.

The show, whose location has just been announced after being kept a secret initially, is being staged as part of Sunderland Stages, a season of theatre which aims to stage shows in unusual locations.

Director of Sunderland Stages, Helen Green said: “Southpaw Dance Company is one of the most exciting dance companies performing in the UK and we wanted Sunderland audiences to have the opportunity to see its unique mix of dance styles and athleticism in a spooky tale that gets us in the mood for Halloween.

“Hell is represented as a real fiery pit, so we had to present this outdoors and where better than St Mary’s car park; a location that has one of the most spectacular views of Wearmouth, the port and the Stadium of Light.”

Future performances from Sunderland Stages include; a heart-warming, historical account of female munitions workers in Swan Canaries; a hilarious and poignant tale of the British relationship between class, politics and friendship in What I Learned From Johnny Bevan, and a magical frozen piece of puppetry, music and circus at Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden in Silver Moon.

•Faust is being staged on Wednesday, October 19 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 from