Whirlwind new life of Geordie Shore star

Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.
Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.
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THIS time last year she was a barmaid in a Sunderland city centre bar, hoping to get a place at university.

Now Charlotte Crosby’s life is a whirlwind of TV shows, photo-shoots and personal appearances – and she’s loving every minute of it.

When the 21-year-old, who worked at Ttonic, auditioned for reality show Geordie Shore, little did she realise it would cause such a stir.

Though it has attracted criticism for its portrayal of North East nightlife, the programme, which aired earlier this year, has also earned Charlotte, from Biddick Woods, a legion of followers.

She says they can expect more antics from the gang in their summer special, Magaluf Madness, which airs next week.

“Everyone hated the show at first,” she said. “Everyone thought it was a really bad idea, but after it went to air people’s reactions changed.

“I think it was a case of people judging a book by its cover. I think it’s become people’s guilty pleasure.”

She added: “The summer special’s a lot more intense because it’s a week’s worth put into two episodes. It’s really fast-paced and dramatic, I don’t think people will be able to keep up.”

Charlotte’s down-to-earth attitude has seen her become one of the most popular members of the show who lived together for six weeks in Jesmond, Newcastle, while cameras captured their every move.

Since then the former barmaid has attracted 86,000 followers on Twitter and has been flown to Australia to make a show with housemate and love interest Gary.

She said: “It’s crazy. We launched in Australia at the beginning of August and they absolutely loved it. They couldn’t believe that people over here hated it. They said they go on worse than us.

“I think the reason people like the show is because they can relate to it. Older people like it too because they can remember being like that in their youth.”

Though the show drew criticism for its sex scenes, Charlotte says she doesn’t have any regrets.

“My mam knows me inside out, so she wasn’t surprised by the show,” she said. “She’s seen me in worse states than I was on the show and she knows I’m no nun. I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted to go in there and be myself. I can’t be anything else.”

Charlotte has waved goodbye to her barmaid days and is hoping to chase the spotlight.

She said: “In terms of money my life hasn’t changed that much, but it’s given me experiences and opportunities I never thought I would have.

“At 21 I got to go to Australia and went to an MTV party where Audrina from The Hills and Lil Jon (a rapper) were. I got to walk the red carpet and get papped. It was crazy.”

Charlotte’s only been out on the town in Sunderland once since the show but says she’s only been treated well by fellow clubbers.

She said: “People have been really lovely. They say I’m their idol and stuff and my mam says she’s really proud of me and I’m like ‘what the hell’. I’m just going out getting drunk, having fun and being me.”

l Geordie Shore: Magaluf Madness starts on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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