The Baby Diaries, by Sam Binnie, paperback by Avon, £6.99 (ebook £2.99).

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KIKI and Thom are just married and in a drink-fuelled night on honeymoon decide they’ll try for a baby.

Guess what? Kiki gets pregnant and then has to come to terms with the changes to her life a new baby will bring.

With a job she loves and plenty of friends in London, Kiki’s quite happy with how things are.

Luckily, her older sister is already a mum and full of advice, and her husband Thom is very supportive. And it helps that she’s having regular rants about everything, from bizarre antenatal classes, to her stalker friend, in her diary.

While The Baby Diaries is a fun read for those who are pregnant and can empathise with Kiki’s situation, it borders on formulaic, because she’s so upbeat throughout and any wobble is met by a huge cuddle from her near-perfect other half.

Kate Whiting