Leftovers by Stella Newman, paperback by Avon, £6.99 (ebook £0.99).

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Stella Newman’s latest novel is the happy-ending type that makes you sigh ‘Ahh’ as you close the final page.

 According to a magazine quiz, Susie Rosen is a ‘leftover’. A modern day Bridget Jones, 30-something and stuck in a career she hates, she is still recovering from her last failed relationship. Her habit of drinking too much alcohol on a week night makes her job even more painful with a hangover.

 But what happens when you find yourself ready to jump off that treadmill and start doing something you actually enjoy – like setting up a blog about the best pasta to eat in any given circumstance?

 It’s daunting, but Susie is adamant it will happen - just as soon as she pulls off her latest advertising campaign and gets that promotion.

 This read is funny, feisty and fresh. Susie is the type you want as a friend – especially when you know what culinary delights she can whip up.

 Leftovers aren’t always what you perceive them to be. It makes for an enjoyable read.

Emily Pawson