Author’s dreams come true

Diane Major and her novels.
Diane Major and her novels.
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A DREAM has come true for Diane Major.

The budding writer has long harboured ambitions publishing a book.

And in the last four weeks, Diane, 58, has taken the brave step of self-publishing two of her own works.

The first book, Children of Fury, came out on December 29 while the second, I Am Nine, was published last week.

The former local authority employee started work on ‘Children of Fury’ while she was still at work, but an early retirement meant she could focus entirely on her writing.

Some nine months into the process, Diane began work on ‘I Am Nine’.

Diane today told how she enjoyed working on two books at the same time because it meant if she reached a mental block on one, she could switch to the other and press on.

Explaining what fuels her passion for writing, she said: “ When people are having difficulties in their lives, you want something that is easy to read and is an escape, like if you’re a bit down, you can just escape.”

‘Children of Fury’ is a story that spans the centuries, from Ancient Greece through to the present. It follows the story of an immortal child who is born “half human, half fury” and who falls in love with a woman in the 1400’s but cannot have her.

The story climaxes in modern day Edinburgh.

I Am Nine follows a girl from the North East who boards a ship to get away from a disease that is spreading across the globe. The vessel takes her all the way to the rural Californian coastline, where she tries to find a safe haven.

Having achieved her dream, Diane is not ready to put down her pen just yet and has already started work on her next books.

Once again, opting to write both books at the same time, she revealed that the first book, ‘Enmitus’, is about a far away planet, while the second, as yet unnamed, tells the story of an extra terrestrial who comes to inspect Earth, only to end up in trouble with gangs in Philadelphia.

“I’m still writing,” said Diane. “I’d love to write more.”