Washington-born author explores the magic of youth in new book

A Wearside-born author has written a children’s book about a young girl’s acceptance of the magic of youth.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 2:59 pm
Margaret Duddin, author of new children's book, The Freckle Fairy.
Margaret Duddin, author of new children's book, The Freckle Fairy.

Margaret Duddin was born in Washington and trained to be a teacher at Newcastle University.

She spent her first year of training living in Alnwick Castle.

Her teaching career was varied, mainly in senior schools, but also included special needs schools, and in the private sector.

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Margaret has also mentored teachers in training too.

When she retired, she was elected as a local councillor – a role which she loved.

The author also loves travelling, and her favourite destinations include the Greek Islands and Italy.

She has also visited the United States and said she loves the people and their welcoming attitude.

She still lives in the North East region with her husband and daughter.

Margaret was inspired to write by her experiences in the educational field, and a specific conversation that she had with a freckled child that inspired the book, The Freckle Fairy.

She felt obliged to tell the story of a young girl, Daisy, who doesn’t like the little, harmless spots overtaking her face.

Her story aims to present to children that they shouldn’t hide from what makes them special – but they should embrace it.

Daisy is visited by the magical ‘Freckle Fairy’ in her sleep one night.

She learns that her freckles aren’t an obscurity, but rather a gift and her freckles are something that is unique to her, as with all the other children around the world that are blessed with them.

Her fairy visits every so often during Daisy’s journey through school and further along in her adolescence as she grows up and learns lessons along the way, during which time the fairy presents assurance and comfort for Daisy.

It allows her to make friends, and to be accepting of others for being ‘different’

The Freckle Fairy is a tale of friendship, love, and mischief.

Margaret’s new book, and her other works, are available on Amazon.