A day in the life of Sunderland

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Two photographers, one goal and 24 snap shots of Sunderland have come together for a pop up exhibition.

Across the course of the weekend, shoppers can check out 24 Hours in Sunderland, which looks at a day in the life of our city.

Photographers Paul Swinney and Andy Martin joined forces for the project, which saw each of them take 12 photos, one to represent each hour of the day.

Lenses in tow, they travelled across the city, from the Boxing Day Dip to the East End in the middle of night to the coast at dawn, to create a snap shot of daily life in Sunderland.

The results, which feature work, life and leisure, will be on display in The Bridges this weekend.

Paul Swinney said: “24 Hours in Sunderland looks at a day in the life of Sunderland. And that’s why it’s great to be collaborating with Andy. We both have got a real passion for Sunderland, which I hope comes through in the photographs.

“People can be downbeat about the city, but there’s lots to celebrate too, and we want to show that back to the people of Sunderland. It’s about turning the lens on everyday events that touch us all and looking at it with fresh eyes.”

He added: “It was fantastic to see how Grayson Perry’s Sunderland tapestries really captured the imagination of the public. We were inspired by that, and wanted to do our own take on daily life of Sunder-


Andy Martin, from Grangetown, said: “Paul came to me with the idea to create this snapshot of Sunderland and asked if I’d like to collaborate with him.

“I took the 12 hours of night so most of mine were taken in the middle of the night, like a lot of my work. But there’s a great mix in there, such as fishermen going off in the morning to fish and matchday at the Stadium of Light at 3pm.

“The idea was to represent every aspect of the city.

“Paul and I have very different styles of photography and take a very different visual approach, so the comparison between the two sets of 12 images is interesting.

“The exhibition will be a great chance to see every facet of Sunderland, shining a light on some parts that people might not give a second thought to.”

This weekend’s exhibition, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, is free to view.

After that, there are plans to take 24 Hours in Sunderland on the road across the city throughout the year.

You can see more of Andy and Paul’s work at www.this-is-sunderland.co.uk and www.lightandaperture.co.uk.