Andrew Lee gives his thoughts on the Sunderland-Newcastle game

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I SUPPOSE we should be counting our blessings that we’ve managed to rescue a point from a game we hardly deserved anything from.

For the second time this season we’ve been bested by a team which basically amount to a big set of bruisers.

Some of Barton’s play acting was ridiculous and why the referee allowed it to continue is completely beyond me.

Our own players seemed to struggle with the ball and the midfield in particular seemed to be chasing shadows. The exception to this was Steeeeed, who had a good game and was attempting to do the right thing, but couldn’t do it all on his own.

The only other player to come out of the game with any credit was Bardo, who put in another shift and just wouldn’t give it up.

I’m becoming increasingly worried and frustrated at our forwards’ inability to retain possession high up the field and I thought Gyan had a very poor game in this respect. If we can’t find some way to rectify this, then I can see us starting to struggle.

Anyway although it was a very disappointing afternoon we can all take heart from looking at the table and with players returning from injury in the next two weeks, hopefully we can push on and give it a real go in a difficult set of games coming up.

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