Stewart Donald's fantastic offer to stranded Sunderland fans on the road to Wembley

Thousands of Sunderland fans have hit the road to Wembley this morning - with owner Stewart Donald offering assistance to those who have hit difficulties on their way to the capital.

Sunday, 26th May 2019, 7:49 am
Stewart Donald is lending a helping hand to Sunderland fans en route to Wembley

Around 35,000 supporters are making the journey from Wearside ahead of the League One play-off final, with a considerable number facing an early start as they depart for London today.

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They include Christopher Price, whose journey to London didn't go too smoothly.

He took to Twitter to describe his experiences, posting: "So today didn't quite go as planned finally made it to London but my car has been wrote off in the process, does anyone have 4 spare seats heading back to Sunderland after the match tomorrow? As it stands we're stranded."

Christopher quickly received some offers of help from fellow Sunderland supporters - before owner Donald stepped in to provide a helping hand.

The Black Cats' chief offered use of the bus he has heading to Oxford, before stating he could arrange a lease car to ensure the group returned to the North East safely - with Donald insisting the fantastic offer would come at no cost.

Stewart Donald is lending a helping hand to Sunderland fans en route to Wembley

He replied: "If you are struggling. We have a nice bus going back to Oxford. You can jump on and then borrow one of our lease cars from Oxford to drive back up.

"No charge of course - DM me as will take a bit of organising if it will help."