Footballers regularly say they are "over the moon" - but Sunderlands £4million record signing Stefan Schwarz has been ordered to keep his feet firmly on the ground

The Swedish international has been banned from space travel by the club after revealing he has ambitions to boldly go where no other sportsman has gone before.During negotiations over his move from Spanish side Valencia to the Stadium of Light his agent revealed Schwarz has tickets for the second commercial space flight to take off in December 2002.So worried club officials put a clause in his contract to protect their investment - which means the 30-year-old is banned from space travel.Believed to be a world first, Schwarzs space ban is due to problems with insurance and extreme sporting activities.He only put pen to paper last week after weeks of wrangling over the move to Sunderland.He at first feared his family might not be able to settle in the North East, but was persuaded they would be happy here.Schwarz, who missed Kevin Balls testimonial match against Sampdoria at the Stadium of Light on Saturday because of injury, had endured an unhappy season at Arsenal earlier in his career.