No time to get it wrong at Ryton

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SUNDERLAND are hoping for an immediate return to form when they travel to Ryton this weekend, after last week’s disappointing result against Guisborough.

After having a number of players unavailable against Guisborough, Sunderland will be glad to welcome back Dave Robson, Jake Belfield, Tom Townend and Greg Littlewood.

However, the forwards are without Pete Carter, Joe Arrowsmith and captain Martin Watt, who are all unavailable for the Ashbrooke side.

This sees Andy Wordsworth starting on the flank and Clive Fish and Andy Mackie starting at second row and number eight respectively.

The backs will have to make-do with Sean Bellon’s absence, who will be missed in the centre and leaves the back line having to be reshuffled.

After showing his determination in training, Jamie Maclennan returns to the first team bench for the first time in well over a year after suffering a bad knee injury.

Last time Sunderland faced Ryton they ran out 31-5 winners and they will be hoping for a repeat performance in the away fixture.

Ryton have been on a poor run of form over the past two months, only winning one of their last five games and conceding more than 170 points in the process.

Sunderland will hope that they can return to the rich scoring form they were in before suffering defeat at the hands of Guisborough.

Sunderland II and III will also face Ryton sides at home this weekend.

Sunderland II aim to return to winning ways, themselves, after suffering a close 17-10 loss last weekend against a tough Medicals side.

However, Sunderland III are hoping to stretch their winning streak after a pleasing 19-8 win over second-placed Border Park.

Sunderland I away vs Ryton; midday meet: Robson; Harrison; Arrowsmith; Belfield; Fish; Wordsworth; Finch; Mackie; Henry; Francis; Vaughan; Townend; Jordan; Goforth; Littlewood. Reps Buckley; Reay; Maclennan.

Sunderland II home vs Ryton; 1pm meet: Geehan; Bengochea; Summers; Cogden; Smith; Matthews; Penni; Brace; Tolley; Kaz; Jonny; Edmundson; Bain; O’Donovan; Jermy; Gilberts; Wardle; Hands.

Sunderland III home vs Ryton; 1pm meet (Tony Watt to confirm): D Marshall; Wright; Turnbull; Belfield; Jackson; Peel; S Marshall; Harrison; Green; Richardson; Grainger; Garrimore; Graham; Cowans; Swanney; Hogg; Watson; Duff; Brown; Hurst; Wallace; Ditchburn; Reah; Clinton.