Newcastle drop Toongerine kit price ... before it's even released

Its been dubbed one of the worst football kits ever - and bosses at Newcastle United must agree after dropping the price before it has even gone on sale.

The 'awful' yellow and orange striped away kit was unveiled last month to universal mick-taking by rival fans.

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The garish shirts, dubbed 'lemon sherbets', don't even go on sale until

next week but the club have taken the amazing step of reducing the price by 20 per cent.

The newly-relegated club is currently in crisis with fans desperate for a buyer to buy it before the Championship season starts in just three weeks time.

With uncertainty surrounding the clubs future thousands of fans have

refused to renew their season tickets.

Frank Gilmore, chairman of Independent Newcastle United Supporters club,

said: "The shirt is utterly horrendous.

"I wouldn't buy it even with the 20 per cent off.

"All of the fans I have spoken to have refused to buy it and I've been

getting the mick taken out of me by mates who are Sunderland fans.

"They must know that no one is going to buy it so they are slashing the

price already.

"The whole situation at the club is terrible.

"I'm worried that the sale is going to take so long that it will be too

late for us when it does come."

Fan Andrew Burnham, 34, from Gateshead, said: "The club must surely now

realise this kit is truly awful.

"No fan in there right mind would be seen dead in it - you would look like a deckchair.

"They'll be lucky if they can give these shirts away.

"I wouldn't even use it to wash my car with."

The players have been wearing the kit, described on the club's own website as a "stylish new change kit", during pre-season.

The team, currently without a manager, will start life in the Championship against West Brom on August 8.