Whitburn make leaders Washington fight for narrow win

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WASHINGTON Snooker A still seem to have a stranglehold on the first division of the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League, although, they only just edged out Whitburn 3-2 this week.

Jason Rodgers had a comfortable win in the first frame for Whitburn, before Stephen Thompson levelled.

A well-composed break of 50 by Paul Kirsop in the third took the frame out of reach of his opponent and Washington moved into a 3-1 lead as Norman Leslie overcame John Smith on the colours.

Smith had compensation when he twinned with Craig Barron in beating Thompson and Leslie in the pairs.

Green Baize had a mixed bag of results this week, playing a cancelled game against Seaham Cons and the normal fixture against Seaham Knack.

A fairly straightforward performance by the Baize beat the Cons 5-0, with the highlight being the 60 break by Jeff Burn in the fourth frame.

Although, two other frames were close with the Baize proving the stronger.

Seaham Knack are battling for the runners-up position and improved their prospects with a 3-2 victory over the Baize.

Ian Stewart beat Dean Wilson in the first, before Gary Stockton took the second against Jeff Burn.

Craig Kane pulled one back for the Baize and the game was levelled as Peter Dambrosie took the fourth.

Stewart, with a 27 break, and Kane with a 30, made the deciding pairs frame taut before the Knack proved the winner on the colours.

The Avenue started well as Bob Boyce took the first frame before John Burnell levelled for Mill View A.

A closer third frame saw Colin Cruddace win 51-42 and Graham Ablett increased the lead to 4-1 to the Avenue.

A remarkable result saw Pennywell A beat Biddick A 4-1, with Joe Turner and Alf Turner winning the first two frames.

Rod Turnbull had a good 76-19 win against Dean Taylor to pull one back, before Stephen O’Wellen restored the lead in the fourth.

The deciding pairs frame went to the black before A Turner and D Taylor completed a good night for Pennywell.

Washington B had the phoenix rising from the ashes with their C team being the unwitting 5-0 losers.

After last week’s nightmare, Jason Dewar potted well in the first, Gavin Dixon had a battle in the second, Mark Bell left few chances in the third, and Graham Rutland was impressive in the fourth.

Rutland joined Bell in the pairs and won 53-33.

Glendale seem to have unearthed a promising player in Liam Irving, and he won the first frame against Seaham Cons.

Stephen Marratty replied for Seaham and Ian Hughes won the third for the Cons.

John Wiseman made it all square in the fourth before Danby and McPartlin took a tight pairs for a 3-2 win for Glendale.

A game that could have a bearing on the destination of the second division title, was that between Lumley A and Lumley B.

Brian Meuse had a difficult task against Paul Stoves and was unlucky in going down 60-62 to give the A team the lead. Thomas Qwynn faced Martin Bell and made him work hard for his 55-30 result.

Alex Hannan replied for the B team in the third, and Andrew Drinkwater took the fourth as he beat Joe Nord.

Needing the pairs to complete the comeback saw Tiffin and Roberts turn over Ball and Stoves for a terrific 3-2 victory.

St Gabriel’s played Washington Union and Steve Cox gave them a great start, followed by Steve Hagel in the second. Brian McDonald took the third for the Union, but the lead came back via Ken Rackstraw in the fourth, who was joined by Tony Grimes in winning the pairs for a 4-1 success.

Mid Boldon had a great 4-1 victory over the Railway with Paul Rowe winning the first frame and John Knox taking the second.

Kevin Sanders soon got behind in the third, but came back strongly to only lose on the pink.

Paul Hannan had three breaks, including a 31 to take the fourth, before Sanders and Stewart played well with the Railway needing two snookers before conceding in the pairs.

Mill View B had a good 5-0 win over Pennywell B with all their players in fine form.

Adrian Daniels took the first, Gary Simpson the second, John Spruce the third, Lee Dixon the fourth and Brown and Chandler in the pairs.

The two teams playing from Murton Officials, Officials and Big Club, had a very competitive game in a 3-2 win for the Big Club.

The first two frames went to the Big Club before the Officials responded by taking the next two singles.

A 24 break by Manna Singh in the pairs for the Officials helped them build a good lead, before Jennings and Green came back strongly to catch up and eventually win 63-59.

Cheema beat the Victory 3-2.

H A new format at the semi-final stage was introduced in the knock-out stages to help prevent last year’s problems of delayed matches. The matches are played as drawn instead of neutral venues. Results should be forwarded to Vince Flynn as soon as played to help compile the finals.

Results, Division One: Steels 0 Bye 0, Whitburn 2 Washington Snooker A 3, The Avenue 3 Mill View A 2, Pennywell Comrades A 4 Biddick A 1, Washington Snooker B 5 Washington Snooker C 0, Green Baize 2 Seaham Knack 3, Glendale 3 Seaham Cons 2. Division Two: Lumley B 3 Lumley A 2, St Gabriels 4 Washington Union 1, Mid Boldon 4 Railway 1, Cheema A 3 Victory 2, Murton Officials 2 Murton Big Club 3, Mill View B 5 Pennywell Comrades B 0, Biddick B 0 Bye 0.