Washington trio continue to dominate Division One

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Washington Snooker clubs are starting to dominate Division One of the Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League with three teams occupying the top places.

Washington C had a difficult game in playing Whitburn, who are expected to provide a challenge, but came through with a 3-2 victory.

Billy Shotton went ahead and resisted a late charge by Jason Rodgers before winning on the black.

A colour clearance by Bryan Jeffrey took Washington two ahead, before John Smith played it tight to beat Derek Collins.

A 33 break by Phil Freeman was the pivotal point when he levelled. Hall and Collins won the pairs for Washington.

Washington A are now in prime position to take over the lead after a 5-0 win against Pennywell A.

Marc Farnsworth won 63-16 before Steve Thompson, with a 47 break, took the second.

Norman Leslie and S Mitchell took the next two before Thompson and Leslie completed the whitewash on the pairs.

Glendale played two games this week and suffered defeats in both games.

They were at home to Washington B and lost the first three singles before John Danby replied for Glendale.

G Bell and G Rutland won the pairs comfortably to complete the scoring.

They were then away to the Avenue and started well as Liam Irving took the first frame, before going down 3-2.

The game between Seaham Cons and Green Baize was cancelled early due to problems at Green Baize.

Mill View A have cleared their penalty deficit after a fine 3-2 win over Biddick A.

Keith Johnson led the way in the first, winning 61-28. Adam Burnell won 59-30 in the second and John Burnell 55-30 in the third, to take a match-winning lead.

Biddick fought back with Dave Anderson winning 59-22 in the fourth, and Rod Turnbull and Graham Smith winning a close pairs frame 48-43 to claim the last two points.

A superb potting display by Adam Smith in the first frame, with breaks of 75 and 30, got Steels off to a flying start away at Seaham Knack, before Tony Hazard replied in the second.

Gary Dormand took the third 54-46 followed by Glen Edwards with 59-14 in the fourth.

Gary Stockton, with a 30 break, joined Gary Dormand in winning the pairs for a 4-1 victory to the Knack.

The expected charge by the old Northern Amateur teams Lumley and Biddick, is now showing in the second division as they hold the three top places in the table.

Lumley A continued on their merry way with a 4-1 win over Mid Boldon.

Martin Bell continued his fine form with a 45 break in the first. Paul Stoves won the second, and Stephen Rushworth the third.

Paul Hanney showed the way for Boldon in a 61-9 win in the fourth, but could not repeat his feat in the pairs as Martin Ball, with a 66 clearance, was joined by Paul Stoves in winning 74-22.

Biddick took the points against Murton Officials with Michael Simpson winning the first. Peter Mills, aided by a 25, won the second. Trevor Walton, with 27 and 25 breaks, tookg the third, with Peter Straughan winning the last singles 54-48.

John Temple and Alex Lewins completed the scoring by winning the pairs.

Lumley B had a good 4-1 win over Pennywell B.

Farringdon had Mill View B as visitors, and gave them a warm welcome by taking the first two frames, with Colin Wrathmall very strong in the first frame, and Paul Taite playing well against Lee Dixon, who found his 24 break not sufficient to recover his deficit.

Paul Grant potted well and kept ahead of a chasing John Spruce.

Needing a response brought the best out of Steve Chandler, who pulled one back in the fourth.

Norman Brown and Sid Bate started well in building a small lead, but a resolute Colin Wrathmall produced a good 29 break to put Farringdon ahead.

It was close with Mill View missing an opportunity on the pink to allow Paul Grant to win the frame and seal a fine 4-1 result.

Washington Union lost all the singles against Cheema, with Gurj Cheema in the first, Lee Campion in the second, John Longstaff in the third and James Hair winning for the away team.

Bill Bulch and Peter Stafford took the pairs to claim a point for Washington.

Railway and Victory had a good first frame, as Joe Beston was 18 ahead on the yellow, before Darren Dowell cleared up to the black and eventually took the frame after a bout of safety play.

The second saw Gary Turner level, followed by a repeat by Norman Lynn in the third.

Railway took a 3-1 lead in the fourth before James and Butler controlled the pairs to restrict Railway to a 3-2 win.

Murton Big Club took the first two frames against St Gabriel’s, with Greenfield and Clementson the winners.

Tony Grimes replied in the third before Eddie Williamson restored the lead. Rackstraw and Hagel took the pairs for St Gabriel’s in a 51-48 result.

Results: Division One: Bye The Avenue, Washington Snooker 5 Pennywell Comrades A 0, Mill View A 3 Biddick A 2, Washington Snooker C 3 Whitburn 2, Seaham Knack 4 Steels 1, Glendale 1 Washington Snooker B 4, Seaham Cons 0 Green Baize 0. Division Two: Lumely A 4 Mid Boldon 1, Washington Union 1 Cheema A 4, Railway 3 Victory 2, Murton Big Club 3 St Gabriels 2, Pennywell Comrades B 1 Lumley B 4, Biddick B 5 Murton Officials 0, Farringdon 4 Mill View B 1.


Division One P W L PTS

Washington Snooker C 5 3 2 16

Washington Snooker A 4 4 0 15

Washington Snooker B 5 2 3 14

Seaham Knack 5 3 2 13

Steels 5 2 3 12

Glendale 5 2 3 12

Whitburn 5 2 3 12

The Avenue 4 3 1 11

Biddick A 4 2 2 10

Seaham Cons 4 2 2 10

Green Baize 4 1 3 9

Pennywell Comrades A 4 0 4 3

Mill View A 4 1 3 1

Division Two P W L PTS

Lumley A 5 5 0 19

Lumley B 5 5 0 18

Biddick B 5 4 1 17

Mill View B 5 3 2 16

Murton Big Club 5 4 1 13

Cheemas 5 2 3 12

St Gabriels 5 2 3 12

Victory 5 2 3 12

Farringdon 5 3 2 11

Railway 5 2 3 10

Pennywell Comrades B 5 2 3 10

Murton Officials 5 1 4 8

Washington Union 5 0 5 7

Mid Boldon 5 0 5 6