Washington trio are back on top

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The Washington teams have moved back into the top positions in Division One of the Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League, with Washington B moving into second place after beating Seaham Knack 4-1.

Graham Rutland hit top form in the first, and with breaks of 49 and 47, left his opponent little chance of a recovery.

Jason Dewar started well in the first, but was chased all the way by George Dormand to leave it tight until the colours.

Dewar was still holding a lead until he went in-off the blue, giving an opening for Dormand to take the pink and black for a 54-53 success.

Gary Bell and Glen Edwards were both playing well in an interesting game, until a 32 break by Bell enabled him to restore the lead.

Tony Hazard faced Mark Bell and in a scrappy frame, went down 60-33 to make it 3-1 to Washington.

Mark Bell stayed on the table in the pairs, and breaks of 40 and 30 sufficed as Washington won 4-1.

Seaham Cons played Green Baize and were soon in trouble as Dean Wilson, Peter Dambrosie and Craig Kane took the first three singles.

Stephen Marratty gave the Cons hope by winning the fourth, but their hopes were dashed as Craig Kane and Jeff Burn dominated the pairs for a 4-1 to the Baize.

Green Baize had Washington C as visitors, and welcomed them by taking the first two frames with Dean Wilson a 77-41 victor and Peter Dambrosie winning 49-36 on the pink.

This brought a response from Washington, with John Hall beating Craig Kane and Derek Collins beating Jeff Burn to square and force a decider.

Kane and Burn gained consolation for their singles defeats by taking the pairs for a 3-2 to the Baize.

Four rearranged games were played this week and the tables been adjusted accordingly.

In Division Two, Murton Officials played Pennywell Comrades B, and the Comrades started well with Brian Park winning the first, although Robin Midson was unlucky in going in-off after potting a ball near the end of the frame.

Manna Singh took on Michael Burnikell in the second and levelled.

A 21 break helped Kevin McDermott as he restored the lead for Pennywell, although a success of quality long shots by McDermott was the highlight of the match.

Jimmy Ashcroft played well in the fourth, beating Ian McDermott.

With the score at 2-2, it came down to a last frame finish.

Ashcroft and Singh rose to the occasion and were never in danger as they won the pairs and the match 3-2 for Murton.

H Knock-out matches known this week, three man team: Washington C 2 Glendale 1. Billy Shotton won the first comfortably before Derek Collins took the second on a re-spotted black.

Cheema 2 Mill View B 1. Lee Campion stated well against Adrien Daniels and a number of fouls added to the excitement before the match was level on the colours.

Daniels took the last three colours to put Mill View one ahead.

Gurj Cheema v John Spruce. A 10 start plus an opening break took Cheema into the lead before an in-off still left him 12 ahead on the last red.

Spruce levelled with the blue, but an in-off allowed Cheema to eventually claim the frame and square the match.

John Longstaff v Norman Brown. A close frame went to the pink and black when Brown laid a good snooker with both balls tight on the side cushion.

A hit by Longstaff saw the pink ricochet from the black across the table for a fantastic fluke.

With the black left over the pocket Cheema claimed a fortunate result.

Green Baize beat Lumley B 2-0.

Over 45s: Rolf Hoque 2 Neil McLaren 0. Robin Midson beat Gary Stockton.

First Division Singles: Graham Rutland beat Marc Farnsworth.

Results: Division One: Washington 4 Seaham Knack 1, Green Baize 3 Washington Snooker C 2, Seaham Cons 1 Green Baize 4.

Division Two: Murton Officials 3 Pennywell Comrades B 2.


Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snooker A 8 8 0 29

W’ton Snooker B 8 5 3 25

W’ton Snooker C 9 4 5 24

Seaham Knack 9 5 4 23

Green Baize 8 4 4 23

Seaham Cons 9 5 4 22

Steels 8 5 3 20

Biddick A 7 4 3 19

Whitburn 8 4 4 19

The Avenue 7 4 3 17

Glendale 9 2 7 16

Mill View A 8 3 5 12

Pennywell Com A 8 0 8 9

Division Two

Biddick B 9 7 2 32

Lumley B 9 9 0 31

Lumley A 9 7 2 31

Cheema 9 6 3 26

Mill View B 8 6 2 25

Railway 9 4 5 22

Murton Big Club 8 5 3 20

Farringdon 9 5 4 20

Victory 9 4 5 20

St Gabriel’s 9 3 6 20

W’ton Union 9 2 7 16

Pennywell Com B 9 2 7 17

Murton Officials 9 2 7 14

Mid Boldon 9 0 9 12