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AFTER last week’s Lord Mayor Show when Marc Farnsworth had a 140 break, narrowly failing to register the first 147 scored in the league when missing the last black from the spot, it is back to the normal Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League programme.

Washington Snooker A increased their lead at the top of Division One by beating Glendale 5-0.

Stephen Thompson took the first 51-37, Paul Kirsop then won 62-23, Steve Mitchell won 66-32 and Norman Leslie aided by a 47 break took the last single 88-6.

Leslie and Thompson combined in winning the pairs.

Steels improved their position with a 4-1 win over Pennywell Comrades A, and are presenting a challenge for the top places.

Tom Ayre took the first before Adam Smith was superb in the second, producing a magical 77 break.

Neil McLaren took the third before Dean Taylor replied for Pennywell. Smith and Haley took the pairs for Steels.

A return to form by Mill View A surprised Green Baize, who had no answer to Mill View’s performance.

Keith Johnson beat Peter Dambrosie, Adam Burnell saw off Dean Wilson, John Burnell defeated Jeff Burn and Kevin Alderson beat Craig Kane to take all the four singles.

Burn and Kane won the pairs 61-35 to claim a consolation for the Baize.

Biddick B had Washington B as visitors and lost the first as Graham Rutland won 66-30.

Graham Smith replied for Lumley before Gary and Mark Bell took the next two to put Washington 3-1 ahead. An excellent pairs frame saw Seb Sandu, of Biddick, score a 52 break, that eventually proved decisive.

Although, Gary Bell made a spirited response by taking four reds and colour, and all the following colours that only broke down when missing the pink from the spot that prevented a clearance.

Seaham Cons had one of those good days when results went their way, leading to a 5-0 win against Washington C.

The match between the Avenue and Whitburn was cancelled early due an outside distraction.

Lumley A kept their grip on top place in Division Two, although a small group of teams are still in contention.

Martin Ball gave Lumley the lead in the first frame against Pennywell B, followed by Paul Stoves and Stephen Rushworth in the next two.

A very tight fourth frame saw George Clark, of Pennywell, hold the lead for most of the frame, before Joe Nord exercised good safety to take the colours ball by ball to eventually win 48-32 and put Lumley 4-0 up.

A break of 53 by Ball was the deciding factor as Lumley won 5-0.

Biddick B kept second place with a 4-1 victory over Washington Union with Michael Simpson taking the first frame to set them on their way.

A swift response by Brian McDonald levelled before Trevor Walton and Phil Straughan took the next two for Biddick.

Lewins and Temple took a tight pairs with a 48-32 score.

Old rivals Mill View B visited the Railway and soon shunted the home team, as Gary Simpson, Adrian Daniels and John Spruce had comprehensive victories in the first three frames.

A revitalised home player was in tremendous form as he thrashed the Mill View player in the fourth, to pull one back before Brown and Dixon took the pairs for a 4-1 to Mill View.

A close game was expected between Cheema and Lumley B with both teams in the top group.

A cracking first frame went to Lumley as Brian Meuse beat Lee Campion on the colours.

Gurj Cheema won on the black against Richard Tiffin to level before Terry Gwyn and Alex Hannan took Biddick into a 3-1 advantage.

Longstaff and Cheema won the pairs 50-45 for Cheema.

Mid Boldon are on a roll and gained their second success with a 3-2 win against St Gabriel’s.

Steve Hagel took the first before George Rowe levelled.

Tony Grimes restored the lead before Paul Hannon made it all square, and he twinned with Nathan Rowe in winning the pairs.

Paul Grant had a 53 break in the first frame for Farringdon, followed by a 27 to Colin Wrathmall, who was beaten by Stephen Clementson, who had a 37 in the second from Murton Big Club.

The next two were shared and the decider was won by Taite and Robinson for a 3-2 victory to Farringdon.

Victory were set for a fast result against Murton Officials as they won the first two, before they had the wind taken out of their sails as Jimmy Ashcroft won the third.

With Murton a man short in the fourth, it took Midson and Ashcroft to win the pairs 52-45, to register a 3-2 win for the Victory.

H Knock-out sheets were given to the club representatives for matches to be played over the Christmas period, and early results would be welcomed by Vince Flynn as there are a large number of games to monitor.

Results: Division One: Washington Snooker A 5 Glendale 0, Mill View A 4 Green Baize 1, Biddick A 2 Washington Snooker B 3, Pennywell Comrades A 1 Steels 4, Seaham Cons 5 Washington Snooker C 0. Division Two: Lumley A 5 Pennywell Comrades B 0, Washington Union 1 Biddick B 4, Railway 1 Mill View B 4, Victory 3 Murton Officials 2, Cheema 2 Lumley B 3, Mid Boldon 3 St Gabriel’s 2, Farringdon 3 Murton Big Club 2.

Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League

Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snooker A 10 10 0 37

W’ton Snooker B 10 7 3 32

Steels 10 7 3 29

Seaham Cons 11 6 5 29

Seaham Knack 10 6 4 27

Green Baize 10 4 6 26

W’ton Snooker C 11 4 7 25

Biddick A 9 5 4 21

The Avenue 8 5 3 20

Whitburn 8 4 4 19

Mill View A 10 4 6 17

Glendale 10 2 8 16

Pennywell Com A 9 0 9 10

Division Two

Lumley A 11 9 2 40

Biddick B 11 8 3 37

Lumley B 11 10 1 36

Mill View B 11 9 2 35

Cheema 11 6 5 30

Murton Big Club 11 6 5 28

Victory 11 6 5 26

Railway 11 5 6 26

St Gabriel’s 11 4 7 25

Farringdon 11 6 5 23

Mid Boldon 11 2 9 20

W’ton Union 11 2 9 19

Murton Officials 11 2 9 18

Pennywell Com B 11 2 9 18