Washington coast to victory over luckless Whitburn

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WASHINGTON Snooker A increased their lead at the top of division one of the Danby Auto Snooker League with a surprising 5-0 win over Whitburn.

Paul Kirsop started with a 55-20 win in the first frame, followed by Stephen Thompson with a 71-14 victory in the second.

A much closer third frame ensued as Norman Leslie and John Smith had a battle before Leslie won 64-53.

Newcomer Steve Mitchell claimed a 58-46 win over Phil Freeman in the fourth.

Leslie and Thompson completed a dismal night for Whitburn in winning the pairs.

Another outstanding result was the 5-0 victory for Washington B over Washington C.

Biddick A maintain their position amongst the top teams after a 3-2 win against Pennywell Comrades A.

Graham Smyth and Dean Taylor went to the wire in the first, before Taylor eventually won 62-53.

Terry Froud levelled with a 66-45 win and was followed by Rod Turnbull who had a 22 break in winning the third.

Dave Adamson increased the lead in the fourth, aided by a 24 break, before a good come back saw Stephen O’Wellen respond with a 42 when joined by Dean Taylor in winning the pairs 74-10 for Pennywell.

Seaham Conservatives are holding their own after being promoted from Division Two and won a good match against Glendale.

Michael Monaghan won the first on the black before Liam Irving continued his good run with a 74-29 success to level.

Steve Marratty restored the lead before John Danby made it all square again.

The deciding pairs frame went to the home team for a 3-2 victory.

Details are not available for the match between Seaham Knack and Green Baize, although, the Knack won 3-2.

Mill View A had an impressive 4-1 victory over the Avenue to continue their climb up the table.

Keith Johnston beat Bob Boyce 70-44, and Kevin Alderson beat Kevin Harrop in the second.

John Burnell had a good result against Graham Abbott before Adam Burnell took the fourth.

Cruddace and Ablett claimed a consolation in winning the pairs for the Avenue.

It is still interesting at the top of Division Two, and an eagerly awaited match between the two teams from Lumley did not disappoint.

A 79 break from Martin Ball in the first, set the A team on a winning path, but a tight frame between Paul Stoves and Thomas Gwyn saw a 56-49 score go to the B team.

A 50-40 victory for Brian Meuse took the B side into a 2-1 advantage, and that was increased as Alex Hannan beat Joe Nord.

It needed a good response from the A team to prevent a disaster as Ball and Stoves duly obliged to prevent the B team from taking their place at the top.

Mid Boldon are still waiting for their first win, but they were unlucky to lose three black ball games against the Railway.

Gary Turner won 49-47 against Paul Rowe, Joe Beston won 49-40 against John Knox before Norman Lynn took the third for the Railway.

Paul Hannan, who has been performing well for Boldon and missed an opportunity as both the players in the fourth missed a number of easy chances on the black before the Railway took the frame.

The whitewash was complete as Lynn and Turner took the pairs.

Mill View B visited Pennywell, but started badly by losing the first two frames, with Ian McDermot in superb form in a very composed first frame.

After being behind for most of the frame, Dave Burnikell came with a late rush to win on the pink for Pennywell.

Brian Parkin opened with two blacks before Lee Dixon replied with some good potting to steadily move ahead and start a come back for Mill View.

George Clark started the better of the two players in the fourth, before John Spruce showed his ability with clean potting to fight back into the game.

It was going Spruce’s way and a fluke on the green helped as he levelled the match.

Spruce led the way in winning the pairs with Bate a willing watcher as Mill View won 3-2.

Farringdon had a hiccup against Biddick B after Colin Wrathmall had won the first frame.

Peter Mills won on the black, Trevor Walton on the black, and Phil Straughan fluked the black to move Biddick into a 3-1 advantage.

Wrathmall had a 21 break in the pairs, but the sun shone for Biddick as they won another frame on the black.

Victory are slipping as Cheemas beat them 4-1 to move up the table.

St Gabriel’s renewed their friendship with Washington Union and shared the singles before winning the pairs for a 3-2 result.

H Clubs are reminded that the monthly meeting will be held at the Avenue on Thursday, November 7, when the draw will be available to the representatives.

Results: Division One: Bye 0 Steels 0, Washington Snooker A 5 Whitburn 0, Mill View A 4 The Avenue 1, Biddick A 3 Pennywell Comrades A 2, Washington Snooker C 0 Washington Snooker B 5, Seaham Knack 3 Green Baize 2, Seaham Cons 3 Glendale 2. Division Two: Lumley A 2 Lumley B 3, Washington Union 2 St Gabriels 3, Railway 5 Mid Boldon 0, Victory 1 Cheemas A 4, Murton Big Club 0 Murton Officials 0, Pennywell Comrades 2 Mill View B 3, Farringdon 1 Biddick B 4.


Division One


Washington Snooker A 6 6 0 23

Washington Snooker B 6 4 2 19

Washington Snooker C 7 3 4 18

Biddick A 6 4 2 17

Green Baize 6 4 2 16

Seaham Knack 6 4 2 16

Steels 6 4 2 15

The Avenue 6 3 3 14

Glendale 7 2 5 14

Seaham Cons 7 3 4 14

Whitburn 6 2 4 12

Mill View A 6 3 3 9

Pennywell Comrades A 6 0 6 6

Division Two

Lumley A 7 6 1 25

Lumley B 7 7 0 24

Biddick B 7 5 2 23

Mill View B 7 5 2 22

Cheemas 7 4 3 19

Railway 7 3 4 17

Farringdon 7 4 3 16

St Gabriels 7 3 4 16

Murton Big Club 6 4 2 15

Victory 7 2 5 14

Pennywell Comrades B 6 2 4 12

Washington Union 7 1 6 12

Murton Officials 6 1 5 8

Mid Boldon 7 0 7 8