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THE top two teams in Division One of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League held their positions with 5-0 victories.

Washington Snooker A might have expected a closer game against Glendale, who have been playing well recently but a 64 break by Marc Farnsworth soon put the first frame out of reach of his opponent.

Stephen Thompson had to rescue the second frame against Paul Forster by potting the black.

Norman Leslie and Paul Kirsop took the next two singles before Kirsop had a 71 break in winning the pairs with Leslie.

Green Baize have established their position by opening a gap from Washington B and Whitburn.

Dean Wilson had a comfortable win in the first frame against Mill View B followed by Peter Dambrosie with a 26 break in the second.

Craig Kane won 60-37 in the third and Jeff Burn 60-28 in the fourth and they combined in winning the pairs. Washington Snooker B shared the first two frames with Seaham Knack before Gary Bell, with a 39, took the third.

Mark Bell had a 44 break to move Washington into a 3-1 advantage before Edwards and Stockton took the pairs for Seaham.

Whitburn started brightly by winning the first two frames against Jordons A before Jordons staged a comeback by taking the last three for a 3-2 recovery.

Mill View a took the first two frames against Steels with John Burnell and Kevin Alderson successful.

Ken Haley and Ray Charlton responded for Steels in the next two singles before Burnell and Alderson gave Mill View a 3-2 win in the pairs.

Avenue are still on a roll and a 4-1 win at Biddick was a good result. Bob Boyce had a 44 in the first followed by Kevin Harrop in the second.

Graham Smith replied for Biddick before Mark Fox restored the lead in the fourth. Boyce and Harrop sealed the win in the pairs.

Pennywell Comrades A had Mark Anderson to thank for winning the first frame, but they fell away badly as Jordons B responded by taking the next four. Dan Elliott, Ritchie Milner and Wayne Foreman took the singles and Milner and Foreman the pairs as Jordons won 4-1.

Both teams from Jordons had two points deducted this week for not attending the monthly meeting.

The Second Division still has Washington Snooker C in a good position, leading by seven points.

A high speed frame over nine minutes between Derek Collins, of Washington, and Richard Tiffin, of Lumley A, saw Collins give a fine start to Washington.

A solid frame by Billy Shotton moved Washington further head, before Bryan Jeffrey increased the lead in the third.

An excellent response by Thomas Gwynn, playing well in a 61-36 win, gave Lumley their first point.

A dominant display by Richard Tiffin in the pairs – seeking revenge for his first frame defeat – saw Lumley restrict the defeat to 3-2 in an excellent match.

With Biddick B having a bye, the opportunity arose for Seaham Cons to move into second place with a 4-1 win against the Victory.

Robert Cougle had a tight game against Ray James, before James eventually won 53-48 to give the Victory the early advantage.

A well-constructed 46 break by Michael Monahgan made it level in the second, inspiring Gordon Elliott and Ian Hughes to claim the next two to move the Cons 3-1 ahead. Cougle and Elliott duly won the pairs for a good result.

Railway had Murton Vic as visitors and extended the hospitality by promptly losing the first two frames, with Ryan Lowes winning comfortably and Stephen Cook taking the second 38-37.

Retribution was seen in the third as Stephen Clementson only lost 46-45. Eddie Williamson restored the two-frame lead, before a dominant display by Norman Lynn in their pairs restricted the defeat for Railway to 3-2.

A break of 27 by Paul Stoves gave an early lead for Lumley A against Pennywell Comrades C, before an immaculate 72 break by Martin Ball increased the lead.

Kevin McDermott was in form in the third with a 79-34 win for Pennywell and George Clark made it all square. Breaks of 41 by Stoves and 31 by Ball soon made it mission impossible as Lumley won 3-2.

Cheema lost 4-1 to Murton Officials and had a two-point deduction for missing the monthly meeting.

Results Division One: Washington Snooker A 5 Glendale 0, Mill View A 3 Steels A 2, Biddick A 1 Avenue 4, Pennywell Comrades A 1 Jordons B 4, Seaham Knack 2 Washington Snooker B 3, Green Baize 5 Mill View B 0, Jordons A 3 Whitburn 2.

Division Two: Lumley A 3 Pennywell Comrades C 2, Seaham Cons 4 Victory 1, Railway 2 Murton Vic 3, Washington Snooker C 3 Lumley B 2, Cheema A 1 Murton Officials 4.