Sunderland off to solid start

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SUNDERLAND’S inter county bowls squad are sitting pretty at the top of the league after winning their opening two fixtures.

This weekend they entertain bottom-of-the-table Gateshead.

Team, at Crowtree: G.Embleton, M.Kilty, R.Robinson, W.Ferry, G.Brown, R.Usher, L.Todd, S.Angus, K.Hopper, S.Baker, M.Laydon, D.Bolt. Reserves: G.Simpson, P.Baker. At Gateshead: N.Ridley, T.Todd, J.Flett, P.Thomson, P.Dixon, M.Carr, H.Shields, G.Farquhar, P.Collins, W.Hearne, J.Jones, T.Jopling. Reserves: M.Wright, P.Thomson.

Latest League standing after two games: Sunderland 19, Shildon 15, The Parks 14, Darlington 13, Hartlepool 9, Gateshead 2.

H The Sunderland senior B team fixture against Park View this week has had to be put back one week. The game will now take place on Thursday, January 12, at 2pm.

The following team has been selected: J.Banks, T.Wood, W.Roberts, G.Gibson, P.Duke, T.Grimes, A.Ferguson, T.Todd, R.Usher, K.Ford, W.Conway, D.Hulley.

Latest Group standing after six games: Hartlepool A 20½, Stanley 20, Darlington B 18½, Sunderland B 15½, Park View 10½, Consett 1.

H The Sunderland senior A team are in action on Wednesday, January 11, at 12.30pm when they entertain Gateshead.

Latest Group standing after six games: Sunderland A 24, South Shields 23, Hebburn 13, Houghton A 11, The Parks B 10½, Gateshead A 8½.

H The ladies inter club game against Durham has been rearranged for a third time with the new date being Wednesday, February 22, at 12.30pm.

H The draw for the 20/20 pair’s competition has taken place.

All four groups will play on Sunday, January 29, at 12.30pm.

The group winners, plus the best four pairs across the green qualify for the next stage in February.

Group 1: W.Mitchell & D.Todner, P.Dixon & P.Thomson, J.Flett & P.Thomson, P.Collins & J.Coundon. Group 2: A.Curtis & E.Baker, M.Wright & M.Laydon, G.Brown & A.Baker, A.Ferguson & TW.Todd. Group 3: J.Smith & F.Knubley, R.Mckie & W.Ferry, H.Shields & T.Jopling, K.Hopper & S.Angus. Group 4: R.Robinson & R.Graham, S.Baker & P.Baker, E.Barren & M.Eggleston, F.Froud & W.Roberts.

H All the club competition draws at Crowtree have been updated.

In the area section of this year’s national competitions, Sunderland’s Alice Curtis and Terry Todd progressed into the area final of the mixed pairs.

In the final, the Sunderland duo will face West Denton’s M.Cooper at South Shields.

In the pairs semi-final, Phillip Dixon and Gary Farquhar entertain Durham’s John Layfield at Crowtree on Sunday, January 15, at 12.30pm.

H The local bowls scene lost another well known name as Jimmy Ross (76) has sadly passed away.