Sunderland Broom Ladies make it to the Durham County Cup Final

Sunderland Broom Ladies
Sunderland Broom Ladies
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Sunderland Broom Ladies have made it to the Durham County Cup Final after defeating Marton Furness.

The Ladies came out in the first half to dominate the first 20 minutes.

However, Marton were able to penetrate Sunderland’s defence and take the lead.

The home side continued to pressurise the opposition’s defence, with runs coming from Steph Hudson and Lauren Green in midfield.

The ball was pushed forward for Webster to pick up. Webster danced through three defenders and slipped the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal, making it 1-1 at half time.

The second half saw Marton starting as the dominant side and from a short corner they took the lead.

The ladies were awarded a short corner. The ball was injected by Hudson, Webster stuck it to the right post with precision.

Skipper, Kirsty Tate, slipped the ball under the keeper to make it 2-2 at full time and take the game into extra time.

Both teams came out into extra time with intent but with no success. The home side worked hard to diffuse any attempts at goal by Marton Furness and it remained goalless in the first half of extra time.

In the second half of extra time Marton Furness slipped through Sunderland’s defence to be awarded a long corner.

They worked the ball into the circle where Middleton attempted to stop a shot on goal but was just out of arms reach.

Marton Furness struck the ball to make it 3-2, with only minutes to go.

Once again, Sunderland reacted and fought to pierce the oppositions defence.

Their efforts were rewarded, as a short corner was given with seconds to go.

The ever consistent Hudson injected the ball to the top of the circle.

Webster sweetly struck the ball into the bottom left corner, making the score 3-3 after extra time and forcing the away side to go to penalty flicks.

Bowerman stepped up first and cleanly converted the first stroke, with Hossack pushing her team further forward by saving Marton Furness’ first attempt.

Next up was vice captain Hudson, who once again pulled it out of the bag for her team, slipping the ball into the right corner of the goal.

Next, the away side produced an unsaveable flick just out the reach of Hossack’s right pad.

Tate stepped up but was unable to convert her flick, along with Webster and two players from the away side.

Making the score 2-1. Thirtle was last up for Sunderland and had the chance be victorious for her team.

A perfectly placed flick met the back net of the goal, making it 3-1 to Sunderland Broom and taking them to the Cup final.

An outstanding performance by all of Sunderland Broom Ladies, with Middleton winning player of the match for her consistent hard work and steadfast performance throughout!

The cup final will be held on November 5, details are yet to be confirmed.