Summer League is hotting up!

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THE competition for the quarter-final places in the knock-out stages of the Danby Auto Sunderland Summer League is hotting up.

The early front runners of the groups are now looking over their shoulders as challengers are making a late change.

Group Three now has four teams in contention for the top two positions, covered by three points.

Biddick B still retain the top spot albeit they were held to a draw away at Lumley.

John Temple beat Ritchy Tiffin 69-36 in the first, before Brian Meuse levelled with a 54-24 success over Peter Mills.

Trevor Walton restored the lead in the third, before Thomas Qwyn and Alex Hannan took the pairs 63-18 to force the draw.

Steels A were the highest climbers this week after a 4-0 victory over Murton Officials.

Three good breaks were the deciding factor in the singles with Chris Cowie a 30, Darren Browne also a 30 and Adam Smith with a 43 dominating the frames.

The pairs followed as a 58-44 score took Steels into second place in the table.

Lumley are only one point behind on 17, followed by the rising Hylton on 16 after winning 3-1 against Pennywell B.

Kevin McDermott played well in a 58-35 success against Graham Ablett to put Pennywell ahead before Bob Boyce won 75-47 to level.

Mark Fox took Hylton into the lead, and joined Kevin Harrop took the pairs frame 55-47 in a close encounter against Michael Burnikell and Brian Parkin.

Group Two looks to be going Green Baize’s way after they increased their lead with a 4-0 win against Steels A.

Pennywell Comrades A recovered from last week’s disaster with a 3-1 victory against Murton Colliery after losing the first frame to Dale Greenfield.

Steve O’Wellen defeated Eddie Williamson to level, before Joe Turner moved Pennywell ahead with a hard fought 54-50 win.

Dean Turner and Alf Turner claimed the match for the Comrades with a 63-17 victory in the pairs.

Gary Dormand, of Seaham Knack, took full advantage of his 35 handicap start, as Martin Ball, of Lumely, staged a good recovery but still lost out.

Paul Stoves won 51-36 to level against Gary Stockton before George Dormand restored the lead in the third.

A good pairs frame saw Ernie Bonsal and Paul Stoves beat Keith Thomas and Gary Dormand 63-57 to claim a draw that could prove important with two games to go.

Mill View B kept their grip on Group Two with a 3-1 win against the Victory.

The first frame had Adrian Daniel clearing his handicap deficit and steadily moved ahead.

Suddenly, Stan Campbell came alive and played some great shots to leave the frame in the balance and looking a likely winner.

It was a relieved Daniel who kept his cool to pot the last two colours to win 74-62.

Another good frame saw Ray James take control against Lee Dixon, and with a small break, put the frame out of Dixon’s reach to level.

Needing to win the frame brought the best out of John Spruce, and he potted well as he restored Mill View’s advantage.

Andy Newby and Darren Dowell faced Norman Brown and Sid Bate in the pairs, and it was Newby who ran the show in the early stages.

Mill View were struggling, but kept responding to keep in the game and eventually won 52-37.

Biddick A had the Railway as visitors and soon knocked then off track as they claimed the first two frames.

Dave Anderson was a 58-48 winner against Gary Turner in the first, and Mike Riley claimed the second.

A good 61-34 reply by Ken Rackstraw took the third for Railway, before Turnbull and Froud took the pairs for Biddick, with Turnbull impressive in the frame.

Seaham Cons played a draw away at Cheemas to keep second place in the table by one point.

H Clubs have been given the team sheets for entrance to the winter season, and need they to be returned at the next meeting.

Results: Group 1: Seaham Knack 2 Lumley A 2, Pennywell A 3 Murton Colliery 1, Green Baize 4 Steels A 0. Group 2: Biddick A 3 Railway 1, Cheema 2 Seaham Cons 2, Victory 1 Mill View B 3. Group 3: Hylton 3 Pennywell B 3, Lumley B 2 Biddick B 2, Steels B 4 Murton Officials 0.

Danby Autos Sunderland Summer League Tables

Group 1


Green Baize 8 6 1 1 23

Pennywell A 8 3 2 3 17

Lumley A 8 1 2 5 15

Seaham Knack 8 1 2 5 14

Steels A 8 2 3 3 13

Murton Coll 8 0 3 5 12

Group 2

Mill View B 8 7 0 1 23

Seaham Cons 8 2 2 4 17

Railway 8 4 3 1 16

Biddick A 8 3 3 2 16

Cheemas 8 0 4 4 12

Victory 8 1 5 2 12

Group 3

Biddick B 8 3 1 4 19

Steels B 8 4 2 2 18

Lumley B 8 3 3 2 17

Hylton 8 4 3 1 16

Murton Officials 8 2 3 3 13

Pennywell B 8 0 4 4 11