Smith and Freeman seal Whitburn victory

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With the week mainly concerned with the Knock-Out Competitions, the opportunity was taken to play three delayed matches in the Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League.

In Division One, Whitburn beat the Avenue 3-2, with John Smith in fine form having a 47 break in his singles, and a 32 break when twinned with Phil Freeman in winning the pairs.

Freeman was the other winner in the singles for Whitburn.

In Division Two, Biddick B played Mid Boldon in an interesting 3-2 game.

Michael Simpson had a 21 break that proved insufficient as Paul Row won 56-51.

A 27 break kept Peter Mills ahead to level, and a 38 break powered Terry Walton in increasing the lead in the third.

Philip Straughan took Biddick further ahead in the fourth, before Paul Hanney and Nathan Rowe took the pairs for Boldon.

The Victory played Pennywell Comrades B and won the first two frames, with Darren Dowell and Andy Newby being the victors.

Kevin McDermott made it 2-1 to the Victory with a 60-56 win over Anth Kemp and Dave Burnikell levelled with a 54-38 victory in the fourth.

The deciding fifth frame went to John Butler and Les Burnikell for a welcome result. The tables have been adjusted accordingly.

Results – Open Singles: M Ball beat A Turnbull. Chris Cowie beat Norman Leslie. Robin Midson beat A Longstaff. Alex Hannan beat Peter Dambrosie. Graham Rutland beat R Hoque. C Cruddace beat P Stoves. K Harrop beat R Calvert. G Edwards beat P Mills. L Dixon beat G Smith. M Bell beat G Bell. S Burdis beat J Dewar. P Freeman beat G Ablett.

Handicap Singles: C Cowie beat T Walton. G Rutland beat S Clementson. R Hoque beat J Temple. L Dixon beat A Longstaff. P Stoves beat I Hughes. N Leslie beat A Drinkwater. G Edwards beat R Tiffin. T Hazard beat A Smith. P Mills beat G Smith.

Doubles: Elliott and Cougle beat Danby and Wiseman. Burdis and Freeman beat Drinkwater and Meuse. Dixon and Rutland beat Tiffin and Roberts. Grant and Wrathmall beat Smith and Froud. Stoves and Ball beat Ablett and Fox, Davis and Bate beat Hannan and Gwynn. Turner and Lynn beat Ayre and Allen.

Division One Singles: S Burdis beat S Mitchell. M Fox beat G Rutland. G Elliot beat G Smith. G Ablett beat S Marraty. C Cowie beat S Krayem. S Thompson beat Norman Leslie.

Division Two Singles: R James beat A Drinkwater. P Mills beat D Roberts. R Midson beat B Meuse. T Gwynn beat J Beston. P Stoves beat R Rushworth. G Simpson beat S Chandler. T Walton beat L Dixon. G Cheema beat S Clementson.

Over-45s: S Chandler beat P Mills. R Midson beat R Hoque. T Ayre beat J Temple. R Cougle beat V Flynn. N Leslie beat G Turner. I Stewart beat T Hazard. J Beston beat E Williamson. R James beat S Bate.

Over-55s: T Ayre beat J Beston. R Midson beat D Adamson. R James beat G Parker. G Dormand beat S Bate. N Brown beat S Chandler. N Leslie beat A Lewins. V Flynn beat M Monaghan.

Captains Cup: T Ayre beat G Elliot. J Smith beat J Temple. R Midson beat P Hanney. P Grant beat G Cheema. D Adamson beat V Flynn. B Jeffrey bear G Bell.

Five Team K.O: Biddick B beat Washington B. Cheemas beat Seaham Cons. Seaham Knack beat Steels. Farringdon beat Railway. Lumley B beat Lunley A.

Four Team K.O: Cheemas beat Railway. Washington A beat Lumley A. Washington B beat Biddick A. Green Baize beat Seaham Cons. Seaham Knack beat Washington C. Biddick B beat Farringdon.

H The next draw will be made at the Committee meeting on Monday January 27 at the Railway, adn the sheets will be available to the representatives at the monthly meeting to be held at the Avenue on Thursday, January 30.


Division One


Washington Snooker A 13 11 2 45

Washington Snooker B 13 10 3 42

Seaham Knack 14 10 4 42

Green Baize 14 8 6 42

Steels 14 8 6 37

Biddick A 14 6 8 33

Seaham Cons 14 6 8 33

The Avenue 14 7 7 32

Whitburn 13 7 6 32

Mill View A 13 6 7 24

Glendale 14 1 12 22

Pennywell Comrades A 12 1 11 15

Division Two


Lumley B 15 14 1 53

Lumley A 14 12 2 52

Mill View B 15 13 2 52

Biddick B 15 11 4 50

Railway 15 8 7 37

Murton Big Club 15 8 7 37

Cheemas 15 7 8 37

St Gabriels 15 6 9 35

Farringdon 14 7 7 29

Victory 15 7 8 32

Pennywell Comrades B 15 4 11 28

Mid Boldon 15 2 13 26

Murton Officials 15 3 12 24

Washington Union 15 2 13 24