Silksworth get off to a flying start

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AS THE outdoor season slowly gets into its stride, last season’s top three in the Earl Cup opened up this year’s campaign with victories.

Holders Silksworth defeated 76-66 Thompson Park (6-1), runners-up Houghton Dairy Lane defeated Roker Park by 54 shots (7-0) and third-placed Roker Marine defeated Hetton Workmen’s by 39 shots (7-0).

Seaham Town had a good 51-shot win at Barley Mow (7-0) and Ryhope had a good 39-shot win over North Biddick (7-0).

The two teams relegated to division two, Sunderland and Grindon Mill, both lost 7-0.

Last season in the Storey Bowl, the 2011 champions Hetton Workmen’s dropped out but they have returned to the fold this year and faced holders Houghton Town – and in a classic encounter the spoils were shared 3½-3½ (72-72).

Wearmouth notched a second consecutive win, this time a narrow one-shot 72-71 win over Thompson Park to claim a 5-2 result.

However, the early leaders are Seaham Town, who are top by a half point.

The first casualty of the season has seen Lumley drop out of the Swan Cup Division two.

Latest Sunderland & District League results:

Earl Cup Division 1: Houghton DL 7 Roker Park 0, Barley Mow 0 Seaham Town 7, Usworth 6 North Biddick 1, Houghton Town 5½ Barnes West End 1½ , Roker Marine 7 Hetton Workmen’s 0

Division 2: Washington 6 Dawdon 1, Herrington Workmen’s 7 Sunderland 0, Whitburn 7 Grindon Mill 0

Swan Cup Division 1: Houghton DL 6 Barnes West End 1, North Biddick 2 Grindon Mill 5, Roker Park 0 Roker Marine 7, Houghton Town 2 South Hylton 5

Division 2: Washington 7 Herrington Workmen’s 0, Barley Mow 7 New Herrington 0

Howey Division 1: Lumley 4 Hetton Workmen’s 0, North Biddick A 3 Sth Hylton 1

Howey Division 2: Roker Park B 4 Usworth 0, Sunderland A 4 North Biddick 0

Howey Division 3: Thompson Park 0 Pemberton 4

Storey Bowl: Wearmouth 5 Thompson Park 2, Pennywell 1 Wearmouth 6, Houghton Town 3½ Hetton Workmen’s 3½, Roker Park 5 Dawdon 2

Clubs are reminded results can be submitted via the website but they must retain the match result cards in case of any queries.

H In the Bowls England double fours competition, there have been mixed results for local sides.

Seaham Town were beaten 39-9 by Leadgate while Roker Marine defeated Silksworth 46-29.

Herrington Workmen face Spennymoor while Houghton Dairy Lane awaits the winners from the Whitehead Park and Leeholme tie.

In the top club, Houghton Dairy Lane travel to Leadgate and Silksworth travel to Owton Lodge, while Seaham Town entertain Roker Marine on Sunday morning.

Herrington Workmen’s will entertain either Elm Tree or Spennymoor.

In the champion of champions, Silksworth’s David Bolt entertains Spennymoor’s Philip Gibson, Seaham’s Jim McAdoo travels to Darlington RA to face Keith Burton, and Marine’s Pat Thomson travels to Pelton Fell to face Wayne Palmer.

Houghton Dairy Lanes Jimmy McKinney entertains Leadgate’s Gary Robson while Herrington Workmen’s David O’Leary travels to Leeholme to face Jason Taylor.

H This weekend will see a county trial match between the A team and B team squads taking place at Houghton Dairy Lane.

Local players involved are: P.Baker, S.Baker, P.Dixon, G.Farquhar, W.Funnell, P.Smithson, I.Riches, J.McKenna, M.Laydon, N.Ridley (all Silksworth), A.Dunn, J.Godfrey (both Houghton DL), B.Henderson jnr, J.McAdoo, J.Sutherland (all Seaham Town), A.Hill (Barnes Park), O.Lynn (Houghton Town), D.Ridley, G.Wallace (both Herrington Wkmn), A.Middleton, R.Robinson (both Roker Marine).

H The Durham County ladies Stella Logan squad made a winning start to the season as they defeated Yorkshire 114-108 (9-2) at Darlington Woodlands.

Out of the six rinks, Durham returned four winning cards, the pick of them being Lyndhurst’s Edna Atkinson’s quartet of K.Dixon (Shildon), A.Bernard (Consett Park) and E.Barkes (Hetton Wkmns) with a 26-16 win.

Ladies County Competition latest results: Triples Preliminary Round: Gibson (Newton Hall) 20 Rodgerson (Houghton DL) 13, Carter (Barnard Castle) 23 Moses (Barnard Castle) 15, Camp (Shildon) 19 Piggford (Pelton Fell) 11, Anderson (Darlington Woodland) 1 Mason (Norton) 0, White (Hundens) 3 Jones (Consett Park) 26, Atkinson (Lyndhurst) 20 Shuttleworth (Wolsingham) 15, Stokoe (Consett Park) 15 Ridpath (Owton Lodge) 13

Fours Preliminary Round: Almond (Sunderland) 22 Mather (Newton Hall) 12, Anderson (Darlington Woodlands) 0 Camp (Shildon) 1, Carter (Barnard Castle) 20 Moses (Barnard Castle) 12, Ridpath (Owton Lodge) 21 Newton (Pelton Fell) 18

H Last season saw the introduction of the WTA (Winner Takes All) singles competition, and plans are already in place to repeat the four tournaments that took place.

The first event is provisionally set for Monday, May 27, as yet no venue has been confirmed. The entry is limited to 32 with a £25 entry fee. Anyone interested in sponsoring can contact Paul Baker.

H At the recent Durham County Indoor AGM, Stanley’s John Thurlbeck’s achievement of reaching 100 Liberty Trophy appearances was acknowledged as the county made him an Honorary Life Member of the county.