Seniors are out of luck

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THERE was disappointment for the Sunderland Senior B team in the National Over 60s Double Fours as they went down 53-27 to the 2011 champions Stanley.

The home leg was played at Houghton and the Sunderland quartet of Tony Grimes, Ebby Dent, Frankie Froud and Peter Brickle recovered from 12-6 down to record a 19-18 win.

The away squad of Billy Roberts, Alfie Ferguson, Richie Jobling and Terry Todd never got to grips with the fast Stanley carpet though and went down 35-8 to Davey Webb.

In the next round, Stanley will face either Newcastle or Park View A.

H A combination of Houghton and Ferryhill youngsters face South Shields in the first round of the National Under 25 Double Fours on Sunday, November 9 (10am).

Squad: R.Watson, J.Lawson, K.Stevenson, O.Lynn, N.Morrison, J.Waterworth, C.Morrison, J.Jolly.

H Both Sunderland Senior squads return to Inter Club action this week. The Sunderland A team entertain Gateshead on Tuesday at Houghton (12.30).

Team: A.Baker, W.Hearne, J.Jones, T.Jopling, P.Collins, H.Shields, F.Knubley, W.Ferry, J.Flett, R.Robson, R.Robinson, R.Graham, reserves - EJ.Forster, R.Rollason.

Sunderland B team travel to Park View on Thursday for a 10.30am start.

Team: P.Bulmer, A.Wodd, W.Conway, R.Jobling, P.Duke, E.Dent, F.Froud, G.Gibson, A.Grimes, E.Cook, W.Roberts, P.Brickle. Reserves – A.Ferguson & TW.Todd.

H Next Saturday, Sunderland and Houghton go head to head in the first round of this year’s Denny Cup.

With Sunderland having no home venue, all four rinks will be playing at Houghton.

Houghton: J.Doyle, T.Hayes, J.Thurburn, P.Harding, M.Baker, T.Patterson, J.Scullion, T.Burt, J.Sutherland, O.Lynn, S.Tindale, J.McAdoo, T.Winship, E.Weightman, A.Pratt, J.Wilson.

Sunderland: M.Wright, P.Brickle, D.Todner, W.Ferry, P.Collins, W.Hearne, K.Hopper, J.Flett, P.Bulmer, M.Davis, R.Mckie, R.Graham, G.Brown, W.Mitchell, TW.Todd, T.Jopling.

The following day, Sunderland return to Inter Club action. After signing off at Crowtree with promotion to Division One, Sunderland entertain The Parks with the Houghton green being used for the home leg of the game.

At Sunderland: R.Mckie, G.Simpson, D.Todner, W.Ferry, K.Hopper, R.Usher, H.Shields, S.Angus, W.Mitchell, M.Carr, R.Jobling, TW.Todd.

At The Parks: N.Ridley, M.Wright, G.Farquhar, M.Higgins, G.Brown, W.Hearne, J.Flett, T.Jopling, P.Collins, P.Brickle, A.Ferguson, R.Robinson.

Latest National results (local section).

Singles: T.Jopling (Sunderland) 21-15 M.Appleby (Durham), D.Todner (Sunderland) 8-21 G.Farquhar (Stanley), LJ.Todd (Durham) 13-21 P.Dixon (Stanley).

Champion Of Champions: B.Henderson (Houghton) 14-21 A.Bryden (Hebburn), GR.Smith (Sunderland) 21-9 W.Palmer (Park View).

Latest County Champion of Champions results

Fours: J.McAdoo (Houghton) bt M.Johnson (Hebburn).

Senior Fours: T.Jopling (Sunderland) bt J.McIver (Hartlepool).