Sea Angling by Jack Melton

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ANGLING has reached a new height with some very good fish taken by the boats and dozens of fish from the piers and the rivers.

A superb 21lb cod was taken by Jimmy Bullock on the Mistress out of the Tyne, with Jimmy Cassidy having one just under at 20½lb on the JFK. There were more than 30 double figure fish taken over the weekend and the popular artificial lures appear to have been shads.

Wear-based boats have not done so well, with the sea being a bit uncomfortable, but the Swordfish managed eight codling to five pounds and as many ling to 15lb. Mackerel were in abundance and they came on at Roker Pier on Monday morning when the sea quietened down.

Flounders and coalies were the main catches for river anglers with a number of eels appearing in the Tyne on Sunday, with the heavy flood water coming downstream.

Last Wednesday’s Eastenders Sweepstake had 20 entrants, with all taking fish at Panns Bank – 39 coalies, 24 flounders, two blennies and a whiting.

Davie McCready won with a flounder of 38 centimetres, while there was a four-way tie for second place with Ernie Hunter, Jim Dobie, Lee Burton and Billy Bell all taking 37cm flounders. Dobie had the best total catch, eight fish for 245cm.

Saturday saw 20 rods out for the Eastenders Open at the Golden Lion, with 14 weighing in 32 flounders, 15 eels and a coalie.

Flounders took the top four prizes, with Ernie Hunter having the best (1lb 3oz), while Ernie Hunter and Billy Jackson tied for second (1lb) and Brian Turnbull (15oz) was fourth. Hunter had the best catch, six fish for 5lb 1oz.

Seaham SAC fished for the Richardson Cup on Sunday with 21 of 30 members landing 31 mackerel, 15 flounders, three plaice and three lesser spotted dogfish for 46.61lb. All fish were taken on the North Pier.

Michael Hudson won with four fish (3.87lb), with Geordie Heron runner-up for three at 3.32lb. David Heron took four fish but could only come third (3.17lb), just ahead of Steve Wanless (3.06lb).

The heaviest fish was John Prentice’s lesser spotted dogfish (2.31lb) and the pairs’ pool was won by David Heron and Phil Hellens for seven fish at 6.05lb. The sealed weight (3.73lb) was won by Hudson for his 3.87lb.

Ryhope SAC fished at the Business Park on the Tyne on Sunday, with 28 members competing and all weighing in during heavy rain.

In Zone A, it was a real family affair. Mason Burton topped the scales with 27 fish for 711 centimetres. His grandfather, Alan Burton, was runner-up with 22 fish for 547cm and his dad, Lee Burton, was next with 19 at 444cm. Paul Craig was fourth (277cm).

Andy Rutherford won Zone B with 15 fish at 387cm, ahead of Bob Surtees (14 at 377cm), Billy Bell (13 at 368cm) and Stuie Bland (366cm). Only 14cm separated the top four places.

Eastenders SAC were also out on Sunday, with 10 of 20 members weighing in 11 flounders, 10 eels and a bass. Chris Hossack led the field with four fish for 4lb 10oz (including the heaviest flatfish at 1lb 13oz), beating Paul Hossack (2lb 11oz), Ernie Hunter (2lb 8oz) and Barrie Wright (2lb 7oz), who had the heaviest roundfish (1lb 8oz).

Sunderland SAA also fished on Sunday with nine of 18 entrants taking single flounders Richie Carr and Steve Rackstraw tied for first place (0.54kg), with Ronnie Head third (0.52kg).

Due to the Air Show on July 31, the club’s next meeting place will be at Claxheugh and not the sea front. The time remains 1-5pm.

Competitions arranged: Saturday – Rutherfords/Conoflex Open (Copthorne Hotel, 7.30-10.30pm; Entry £10. Pegged. measure and release); Wednesday – Eastenders Sweepstake (Glass Centre, 7-10pm).

H Don’t forget the youngsters’ crabbing contest on Sunday, July 31 at the Glass Centre (2-4pm). Entry is free and tackle and bait will be supplied.