Roker Pier’s closure still hitting Sunderland’s anglers

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Sea Angling by Jack Melton

AUTUMN fishing appears to be coming early with more codling on the shoreline and in the boats.

Unfortunately, the Wearside anglers are not benefiting, with Roker Pier being closed.

There are still plenty of mackerel about and the boat anglers are reporting that they cannot reach the bottom before the fish are attacking their baits and lures.

There are more codling showing and an increase in the number of ling not too far out, Whiting to more than 1lb are showing in greater numbers, both for the boat anglers and the shore anglers.

Bobby Hamilton tried his luck on Hendon Promenade last week and took a dozen whiting to 1lb.

The Ryhope SAC volunteers had eight youngsters from the Venerable Bede School fishing on Panns Bank at the weekend, with Chris Stoker and Adam Snaith taking a couple of whiting each around 1lb.

Crab, worm and mackerel strip appear to be the popular baits.

The Swordfish was out on Sunday and had a good session with a few codling to 5lb and ling to 7lb. They also encountered some nice whiting and mackerel, but their catches were small compared with the fish from the Tyne and Hartlepool boats, with the JFK, out of the Tyne, taking ling of 21½lb and 18lb. At Hartlepool, cod up to 18lb were landed, as was an angler fish.

Shore anglers have had some good sport with small dabs and whiting early in the evening on the beaches and the better whiting as darkness fell.

Shields Pier is giving up double figure catches of whiting. Stan Parkin took his sons, James and Grant, there and between them they amassed 21 fish (codling, coalies, and dabs) of which James had 10, Stan eight and Grant three. Although he had the least number, Grant landed an octopus!

The best fishing appears to be further north with some nice codling around 5lb from the Northumbrian shoreline.

There are still plenty of flounders and coalies in both the Tyne and the Wear.

Last Wednesday’s Eastenders Sweepstake was a rover with 23 entrants and 18 weighing in 29 fish, (18 flounders, six coalies, four whitng and a codling).

Barrie Wright travelled to Marsden to win with a 1lb 6oz codling, beating runner-up Gerry Kirby’s 1lb 5oz coalie from the same area. There was a tie for third place between Neil Cutler and Steve Rackstraw, who both took 1lb 3oz whiting from Shields Pier.

The first of the season’s Cleadon SAC matches saw 16 of the 32 entrants weighing in on Sunday.

Steve Gordon was well ahead with 15 fish for 16lb 14oz of coalies and whiting, with David Carrick second for a six-fish bag of 9lb 6oz from the Tyne. Neil Cutler was third with seven for 7lb 10oz at Shields Pier.

The heaviest fish was Carrick’s 3lb 13oz codling. Fish were taken from all of the local spots from the Tyne to Marsden, where Jamie Brennan landed a 2lb 3oz bass.

Ryhope SAC have called a meeting for members in the Village Tavern next Wednesday, September 14 (7.30pm). All members are asked to attend this meeting to discuss the list for the winter competitions.

Competitions arranged – Saturday: Eastenders SAC (11am-3pm, Timber Beach); Sunday: Seaham SAC (noon-5pm; Wm Holman Cup), Ryhope SAC (noon-4pm, Tyne Business Park); Wednesday: Eastenders Sweepstake (Roving, 7-10pm).