Roker Pier comes to life after dark with fish aplenty

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ROKER Pier continues to provide good sport for anglers with mackerel, dabs, plaice and Pollock in daylight hours and big shoals of whiting moving in after dark.

The mackerel hasn’t been as plentiful as last week, but the pollock fishing has made up for it with fish up to 6lb being taken on float fished mackerel strip and sandeel baits.

There have also been some good pollock lost on the lift in, so anglers may have to “up” the breaking strain of their main line or use a shockleader to help land these fish as a 6lb+ Pollock can take some landing on light tackle.

With so many anglers float fishing from Roker Pier, a few shads up to 3lb have been caught.

Anglers are reminded that these are a protected species and should be returned to the water as quickly as possible.

After dark the whiting have been moving in en masse to feed, with bags of up to 20 fish taking worm and mackerel baits.

On Sunday morning, anglers were entertained by a large school of dolphins feeding off the end of Roker Pier.

Unfortunately, on Monday, Roker Pier had to be closed for cleaning as it was in such a bad state with rubbish, fish guts and blood – it doesn’t take much to clean up and take away your rubbish when you finish fishing.

The majority of anglers are responsible and clean up after themselves, however, we are getting a bad reputation through a few lazy people who can’t be bothered to tidy up – shame on them.

South Shields Pier has been fishing very well with big bags of mackerel, along with coalfish, plaice, dabs, gurnards and the odd codling to 3lb.

There have also been a few good pollock to 4lb. The mackerel have been taking daylight lures.

Crab and ragworm is the best bait for plaice and codling and the coalfish have been taking red gill lures fished close to the pier foundations.

The River Wear has still been giving up flounders and eels on ragworm, crab and mackerel baits. The best areas have been Southwick prom and the Business Park.

The Tyne is fishing equally as well for flounders and eels with a lot more eels when the fresh water is coming down the river. The best areas have been the Copthorne Hotel and British Airways Business Park.

Boat anglers have enjoyed a better time of it this week. The Sapphire fished wrecks four miles off on Wednesday and took 12 cod up to 10lb along with ling and pollock.

On Saturday it was slower with ling to 8 ½ lb, but it picked up again on Sunday when they took 12 ling up to 9lb and codling between 4lb to 8 ½ lb, along with haddock up to 1 ½ lb.

This is the first of the haddock to be taken as far as I know this year, but a few boats reported taking haddock last weekend up to 2lb on ragworm.

The Sapphire also spotted a whale about seven miles off Roker Pier feeding on large shoals of sprat.

H The Sarah JFK went wrecking at the weekend and Paul Bainbridge, of Wreckington, caught a cracking cod (31.5lb) and a ling (18lb)!

H Last Tuesday night’s Ryhope Sweepstake at Southwick Prom saw 26 anglers competing and all catching fish, but the fish were a bit on the small side, so only 12 weighed in 19 flounders, one coalfish and one shad. All fish were returned safely to the water.

Top rod on the night was John Lovett with a shad (1lb 6 ½ oz). Second place was tied between Richie Carr and John Lovett with a flounder (1lb 5oz) and a flounder (1lb 1 ½ oz) took fourth place for Jim Dobie.

On Sunday, Seaham SAC fished for the Crawford Cup with 34 anglers taking part and 12 of them bringing 19 fish to the scales (16.31lb).

First place went to Joe Greaves with six flatfish (4lb), in second place was Dean Furness with three fish (2.98lb), followed by Mick Hudson in third with a cracking plaice (2.16lb), which also took the heaviest single fish. Greaves and Jim Dobie took the pairs title with six fish (4lb).

H Ryhope SAC Summer League fished at the British Airways Business Park and Zone one was won by Lee Burton with 15 fish (427cm) and second went to John Bryant with 11 fish (348cm).

John Lovett took third place with 10 fish (331cm). The longest fish in this zone was Mark Redpath’s flounder (39cm).

In zone two, the top prize went to Paul Richardson with 21 fish (560cm). Runner-up was Tommy Tate with 20 fish (482cm) and Bobby Surtees took third with 14 fish (392cm). Tate also took the longest fish with a flounder (36cm). The junior winner was Jordan Lowes with 10 fish (231cm).

H The Reel Sports Summer League fished at a very wet Claxheugh with only nine anglers taking part.

The clear winner was Chris Stringer with 19 fish (358cm). Second place was awarded to Neil Cuttler with six fish (161cm). The longest fish was Andy Rutherford’s flounder (37cm).

H The Whitley Bay Open saw 20 anglers fishing the match with 13 weighing in.

Chris Potts triumphed with six fish (11lb 6oz), followed by Paul Foster in second with four fish (9lb 5oz).

Steve Williams came third with two fish (5lb 10oz). The heaviest fish was tied between Potts and Geoff King (3lb 7oz).

H Tomorrow night, Seaham SAC hold their Badger Open (7pm to 11pm) with registration and weigh-in at Seaham HQ.

The Rutherford’s Cono-flex Sweepstake also takes place tomorrow night at the Copthorne Hotel (7.30pm to 10.30pm).

H Tuesday night’s Ryhope competition is at Southwick Prom (7pm to 10pm).

H The Greater Fork Beard caught at the Rat House Corner last week by 13-year-old Morgan Parry, looks like being a new British record (but it can take up to three months to go through the record claiming process).

Any angler who would like a fish weighed accurately can call into Rutherford’s Angling on Roker Avenue to have it weighed.

H The deadline for applicants for the under 18 Sea Angling match, to find potential England juniors, has been extended to four days before the event on August 19.

Forms can be obtained from me or email: telephone: 07854 240177.

0191 565 4183 @tackledealer