Quick-fire double keeps Green Baize in title contention

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GREEN Baize have improved their position in the First Division of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League.

They played their delayed game against Steels, winning 3-2, before playing Washington Snooker B in this week’s match.

With Washington playing at home, it was expected to be a close game, but a 4-1 win to the Baize was a set-back for Washington B, who were in second place.

Jeff Burn was on form against Graham Rutland, followed by Dean Wilson, who came good with a 49-41 result against Gavin Dixon.

Things got worse for Washington when Peter Dambrosie took the third for the Baize before Gary Bell pulled one back against Craig Kane.

A brilliant match was concluded with a fine climax when the pairs went to Dambrosie and Kane after beating Mark and Gary Bell 61-60.

Washington Snooker A took the first two frames against Steels, with Marc Farnsworth having a 55-break in the first and Stephen Thompson took the second.

It took a resolute Tom Ayre to bring Steels back into the game as he won the third 52-38.

Norman Leslie restored the 3-1 lead in the fourth before joining Marc Farnsworth in the pairs.

Michael Sayers and Jimmy Gales had Steels in the lead before the Washington team took the black to win 47-46.

Glendale got off to a bad start in their match against Seaham Knack when losing the first two frames, with Glenn Edwards beating Craig Bell in the first, and Gary Stockton defeating Frank McParlin.

John Danby started a recovery in the third, followed by John Wiseman who levelled.

Gary Dormand and Glenn Edwards gave Seaham the 3-2 result by winning the pairs.

Mill View B are still struggling and lost the first frame as Kevin Cunningham had a 44-break to win before Carl Davis had a 20-clearance to level.

John Spruce had a 31-break in dominating the third before Graham Albett produced the goods to win the fourth.

Grimmer and Albett had two decent breaks as they controlled the pairs for a 3-2 win to Jordons.

Whitburn came back to form with a 4-1 win against Pennywell A, with Phil Freeman, John Smith and Paul Garvin winning the first three Singles.

Not to be outdone, Derek White wtook the fourth before Anderson and Turner responded with a well controlled frame in winning the pairs for Pennywell.

Jordons B had Biddick A as visitors and got off to a flying start in winning the first three frames.

Dave Manning beat Michael Branch, Dave Elliot beat Terry Froud, followed by Ritchie Milner in the third.

Biddock’s Rod Turnbull replied in the fourth and he joined Dave Adamson in winning the pairs.

The Avenue had a 4-1 victory over Mill View A to keep their run going.

With the table for the Second Division being altered by the withdrawal of Farringdon, the adjustment enabled other teams to move into better placed positions.

Washington Snooker C has a five-point lead over second-placed Biddick B, helped by a 4-1 win over Pennywell Comrades C.

John Hall took the first, followed by Derek Collins, aided by a 47-break in the second, and Bryan Jeffrey increased the lead in the third.

Kevin McDermott took the fourth for the Comrades before Collins and Jeffrey made it 4-1 in winning the pairs.

Biddick B had a bye, allowing Seaham Cons to close the gap with a surprise 5-0 victory against Murton Vic.

Lumley A struggled against the Victory with John Butler taking the first for Victory.

Paul Stoves had a 22-break in winning the second, before Andy Newby restored the lead in the third.

A tight fourth frame went to Lumley, with Joe Nord being the victor 59-48 against Darren Dowell.

Nord and Stoves took the pairs for a 3-2 win to Lumley.

Lumley B now have two games in hand and a 4-1 win against Cheema leaves them in a handy position to move nearer to the top two.

All four singles were won by Lumley before Anth and John Longstaff took the pairs for Cheema.

St Gabriel’s opened strongly with Ken Rackstraw winning the first frame before the Railway replied by taking the next four for a 4-1 result.

H The sheets for the Knock-Out Competitions were given to the representatives at the monthly meeting, with Cheema and Jordons absent.

Week 18 results: Division One: Steels A 1 Washington Snooker 4, Avenue 4 Mill View A 1, Jordons B 3 Biddick A 2, Glendale 2 Seaham Knack 3, Washington Snooker B 1 Green Baize 4, Mill View B 2 Jordons A 3, Whitburn 4 Pennywell Comrades A 1. Division Two: Victory 2 Lumley A 3, Murton Vic 0 Seaham Cons 5, St Gabriel’s 1 Railway 4, Pennywell Comrades C 1 Washington Snooker C 4, Lumley B 4 Cheema A 1.