Phillip Dixon’s solo success

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THE two PBA qualifying events held at Carlisle last weekend passed by without any local success.

In the Scottish Open qualifiers, only Phillip Dixon reached the latter stages.

Playing in his first PBA event, Dixon went out in the quarter-finals 8-2, 5-3 to Falkirk’s Steven Glen.

In the Welsh Grand Prix qualifiers, none of the local entries reached the quarter-finals.

H As the weather takes a turn for the worse, it must mean a return to outdoor bowls!

This weekend will see the Storey Bowl open up the Sunderland and District season.

Holders Hetton Workmen’s entertain Dawdon, while runners-up Seaham Town head to Thompson Park.

Roker Park host Hylton CW while Wearmouth make a return to the Storey Bowl with a home tie against Pennywell. The first bye goes to Houghton Town.

H The draws for the Bowls Durham county competitions have been released and following his tremendous national singles title, Silksworth’s David Bolt will be attempting to become only the third player to retain the Bowls England singles title.

The last one was Tony Allcock MBE in 1991.

In the first round, Bolt will entertain Roker Marine’s Keith Ford.

The county draws are:-

Singles: R.Mckie v R.Miller, A.Hill v R.Graham, R.Robinson v G.Farquhar, N.Ridley v L.Taylor, P.Baker v P.Dixon, S.Baker v T.Jopling, M.Laydon v P.Thomson, D.Bolt v K.Ford.

Pairs: R.Robinson v G.Farquhar or D.Bolt, A.Mddleton v D.Wilson, R.Campbell v P.Baker, M.Laydon v E.Cook, P.Dixon v E.Fountain, G.Cook v R.Mckie, D.Hulley v L.Smith, A.Hill v F.Smith.

Triples: P.Baker v G.Farquhar, E.Fountain v R.Mckie, D.Wilson v G.Cook or R.Campbell, M.Laydon v P.Thomson, A.Hill v A.Middleton, D.Bolt v F.Smith.

Fours: T.Jopling or S.Baker v D.Bolt, F.Smith or M.Laydon v R.Robinson, R.Mckie v G.Etherington.

Two-Bowl Singles: K.Ford v N.Ridley or T.Jopling, M.Laydon v G.Farquhar or R.Robinson.

H Whitburn have released details of two forthcoming Open Pairs tournaments.

On Sunday, June 10, they will hold an Open Ladies Pairs tournament with a total prize fund of £200.

The format will be a round-robin stage followed by a knock-out stage. The entry fee is £5 per pair and entries can be made by contacting Mrs F. Shields on 529 2776.

The second tournament is a return of their popular Open Pairs on Sunday, July 8.

The format is also a round robin followed by a knock-out play-off, with a total prize fund of £300. The entry fee is £6 per pair.

Entries can by made by contacting Derek Wilson on 529 3240 (during the day) or 529 4476 (evenings).

H In the national double fours, local entries are thin on the ground.

Houghton Dairy Lane travel to Leeholme, Silksworth entertain Herrington Workmen’s while Roker Marine entertain Consett.

In the national Top Club, Silksworth are looking to repeat last year’s good run as they entertain Hartlepool Park in the first round.

Roker Marine travel to Spennymoor on Tuesday, May 15. Houghton Dairy Lane have a home preliminary tie against Elm Tree before May 6.

H The remaining final indoor league positions from Crowtree are as follows:

Monday 6.30pm: J.Jones 32, H.Shields 30, J.Horton 28, R.Graham 27, D.Hulley 25, N.Ridley 24, EJ.Forster 23, N.Weightman 21, M.Laydon 21, W.Funnell 15, J.Laidler 10, G.Simpson 4.

Tuesday 6.30pm: R.Graham 36 (+192½), G.Gibson 36 (+148½), R.Mckie 34, K.Sykes 22, R.Dresser 18, R.Martin 12, F.Kell 6.

Wednesday 6.30pm: J.Flett 36, M.Laydon 28, D.Todner 27, J.Ross 27, N.Ridley 26, K.Hopper 24, R.Borthwick 22, R.Campbell 19, E.Peacock 17, A.Wood 17, D.Bowerbank 9, B.Taylor 6.

Thursday 6.30pm: J.Lambert 45, W.Kirton 33, A.Grimes 24, C.McCain 21, J.Laidler 21, J.Fox 4.

Friday 6.30pm: A.Baker 31, D.Hulley 29, R.Robinson 28, R.Hart 24, J.Scott 24, P.Thomson 21, P.Collins 17, J.Hall 16, K.Lewis 15, D.Bowerbank 11, J.Fox 6.

Saturday 10.30am: P.Thomson 44, R.Graham 42, A.Ferguson 35, S.Angus 34, M.Laydon 31, R.Adams 27, D.Fenwick 19, G.Cook 18, W.Longley 13, G.Riddell 7.

Sunday 10.30am: J.Coundon 33, EJ.Forster 29, K.Sykes 28, A.Wood 20, B.Walsh 19, W.McCready 17, R.Robson 10.

 There are vacancies in most leagues and anyone interested in adding a team can contact R.Mckie on 548 3292. The Sunday 10.30am league will remain in its current fours format.

H The EIBA will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, May 19, at Melton Mowbray. Prior to the meeting, the EIBA has announced an operating loss of £89,000 .