Patched-up Cheemas stay in top-spot

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CHEEMAS A had trouble turning out a full team in the second division of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League – but stayed top after a 4-1 win against Pennywell Comrades C.

In the spirit of the league, Washington allowed a late replacement to fill in to ensure the game went ahead as planned.

Kev McDermott took the first frame for Pennywell but then Cheemas took over. Paul Kirsop, Paul Yuk and Steve Mason replied, and Thompson and Yuk took the pairs in a 4-1 win.

Washington Snooker B won 5-0 to join Cheemas at the top with breaks 29 by Alex Hannan in the first and 29 by Gary Bell in the singles contributing to their success.

Gavin Dixon and Ritchie Tiffin both scored heavily in their singles and a 36 by Bell, twinned with Billy Shotton, took the pairs.

Glendale kept in touch with a 4-1 win away at Seaham Cons with Michael Monaghan the only winner for the home team.

Biddick B took the first two frames with Michael Simpson and Peter Mills, aided by a 33 break, winning before Vince Flynn scored 72 in replying for the Railway.

Alex Lewins restored the lead in the fourth and Beston and Turner claimed the pairs for the Railway, restricting the defeat to a 3-2 score.

Murton Vic had a 5-0 win against St Gabriel’s although all the frames were well contested.

Kevin Hunter took the first frame for Cheemas B before Paul Grant replied. Cheemas took the next two before a 28 break was the deciding factor in Farringdon winning the pairs.

Washington C won the local match against Washington Union 4-1 with Peter Stafford winning 54-43 for the Union.

The first division provided a surprise with leaders Whitburn losing their first match of the season, 3-2 to Steels.

After Phil Freeman of Whitburn beat Adam Smith 49-47, Jimmy Gales and Neil McLaren responded for Steels.

Jason Rodgers levelled for Whitburn before the deciding fifth frame went 55-23 to Ayre and Haley of Steels.

Pennywell Comrades B and Hylton A shared the first two frames with Bob Boyce and Stuart Taylor being successful.

The deadlock was broken as Neil Brigham and Kevin Harrop took the next two singles for Hylton and the recovery was completed as Boyce and Leslie took the pairs 71-11.

Mill View B met Biddick, the third-placed team, and shared the first two frames, with Steve Chandler and Mick Riley the respective winners.

John Spruce had fortune on his side in winning the third for Mill View, and Ron Turnbull of Biddick resisted a late charge to win on the pink.

Riley and Froud took the pairs for a 3-2 win to Biddick.

Woodside B and Washington Snooker A shared the first two frames before Graham Rutland had breaks of 31 and 24 in winning the third. The fourth also went to Washington and a 4-1 win was completed as Mark Bell twinned with A Office in winning the pairs.

Green Baize took all the singles against Mill View A with breaks of 47 by Kevin Brown and 29 by Dean Wilson helping in their frames.

An outstanding colour finish by Peter Davies was instrumental in Mill View taking the pairs.

Woodside B and Seaham Knack were involved in a good match with Woodside starting brightly in the first two frames. Gary Stockton and Chris Grimmer had a thriller in the third with Stockton winning 75-61 for the Knack’s first point.

Wayne Bowmaker restored the lead before Stockton and Edwards took the pairs to leave Woodside a 3-2 winner. Another close game saw Farringdon A beat the Avenue 3-2.

Highest breaks this season are: First Division Paul Garvin of Whitburn 89, and Second Division Mark Farnsworth of Cheemas 94.

Competitors in the knock-out should be aware of February 25’s closing date, and results should be forwarded to Vince Flynn as soon as played to prevent congestion in the last week’s compilation.

Results, Division One: Woodside A 3 Seaham Knack 2, Avenue 2 Farringdon A 3, Hylton B 0 Pennywell Coms A 0, Green Baize 4 Mill View A 1, Mill View B 2 Biddick A 3, Pennywell Coms B 1 Hylton A 4, Steels A 3 Whitburn 2, Washington Snk A 5 Woodside B 1.

Division Two: Cheemas A 2 Murton Officials 3, Cheemas C 4 Pennywell Coms C 1, Victory 0 Washington Snk B 5, Biddick B 3 Railway 2, Seaham Cons 1 Glendale 4, Washington Snk C 4 Washington Union 1, Murton Vic 5 St Gabriels 0, Farringdon B 2 Cheemas B 3.