North Pier’s still a hot spot for mackerel

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THE Old North Pier, at the mouth of the River Wear, has produced some good bags of mackerel, particularly from the Rat House Corner and fishing from The Slope into the bay.

Daylite lures and spinners have attracted most of the mackerel, although one or two have been caught by anglers who were float fishing.

The Rat House corner has also seen plenty of flounders and coalfish as well as the odd codling going to 2lb.

Further upriver at the Glass Centre, there have been tons of flounders along with coalfish and small codling.

The rock marks at Marsden have also produced mackerel and coalfish along with some good sized codling up to 6lb, which are taking crab baits.

Anywhere between Camel’s Island and Frenchman’s Point is worth a try over high water.

South Shields Pier continues to produce good bags of codling up to 5lb, with some anglers taking seven fish in a session.

Crab is the bait of choice for these fish, with the best marks proving to be The Blocks or the south east corner of the Round Head. The pier has also fished well for mackerel, with bags of up to 25 fish caught on daylites and spinners.

Coalfish, dabs, curnards and the odd plaice have also been taken from the pier.

Boat anglers have been finding plenty of fish, with mackerel, cod and ling being taken in good numbers, along with pollock and ballen wrasse.

Al Weecram, fishing on board The Lone Shark out of Hartlepool, took a ling of 17lb.

Local charter boat The Sapphire had a good week, taking more than 300 cod and ling up to 8lb, along with pollock up to 7lb and hundreds of mackerel.

Fresh mackerel bait in hokkis and daylite lures took most of these fish.

Nineteen anglers successfully fished last Tuesday’s Ryhope Sweepstake at Lambton Drops.

Top rod was John Lovett (11½oz), followed by a three-way tie for second place between Bobby Surtees, Lee Burton and Micky Davison (11¼oz).

Eight anglers competed in the Fisherman’s Locker competition last Wednesday. The heaviest bag title went to Robert Lees, with five codling for 6lb 9oz. The heaviest fish went to Micky Bell’s 2lb 9oz codling.

The Blenny Hill Open saw 12 anglers competing at The White Wall.

Micky Davison won with three fish for 90cm. Runner-up Geordie Heron had a single fish for 31cm, followed very closely by Jack Clark (30cm) in third.

The Whitley Bay Summer Open, fished between Beadnell and Seahouses, had a turnout of 20 anglers.

The winner, with four fish for 9lb 8oz, was Garry Appleton, followed by Mick Clark with four fish for 8lb 13oz. Third place went to Dave Milne, who took three fish for 5lb 9oz including the heaviest fish at 3lb.