Mill View triumph in thrilling final

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MILL VIEW B triumphed over Seaham Conservatives in a tense and thrilling Danby Autos Sunderland Summer League final.

Ian Hughes broke for Seaham in the first frame against Adrian Daniels and started the steadier, moving clear for a 58-21 win.

Gary Simpson (Mill View) took on Michael Monaghan and there was not much in it. Simpson, though, moved into a 24-point lead with only one red left on the table.

Monaghan showed his experience, though, and took the last red with a blue and the first three colours to make it anyone’e frame. Monaghan then took blue and pink to make it a black ball decider.

After a good safety, Monaghan must have felt safe but Simpson produced a brilliant shot along the side cushion to take the frame and level.

A steady start by John Spruce of Mill View, including a 14 break, saw him move 29-8 ahead in the third frame. A good response from Gordon Elliot then only broke down when the white rolled into a bad position after a brilliant potted red.

Spruce held the upper hand and took the last red before a surprise miss on the pink prevented him taking a 29-point lead into the colours.

Spruce then looked home and dry with Elliot needing a snooker. However, he got one, and Spruce missed to keep the frame alive.

Spruce, though, kept his cool and finally sealed a 2-1 lead.

The two players from the third frame were then involved in the pairs, with the addition of Robert Coogle for Seaham and Adrian Daniels for Mill View.

Played in the Scotch Double format with players alternating shots, Seaham took an early 22-18 advantage, although neither team was scoring heavily.

It was tit-for-tat for most of the frame until Mill View had a 14-point lead going into the colours, with all the balls except the yellow in good positions.

Mill View could have been considered as the favourites until a miss on the yellow left it over a pocket. Seaham grabbed the opportunity and they kept their nerve to effect a clearance and force the match into a deciding fifth frame.

The draw for the decider brought Adrian Daniels for Mill View, and Michael Monaghan of Seaham with the responsibility of winning the title for their team.

Both players starts off brightly with Daniels with a 13 and Monaghan with an 18 setting a good standard.

The reds were moving into open positions and a bad miss could prove costly – so a brave pink across the table by Daniels was commendable.

Both players were picking off small scores and playing safe in an interesting frame, and after a miscue by Monaghan, the score was 29-25 to Seaham.

Daniels then upped his game and moved clear, taking the yellow, green, brown and blue to all but seal the title.

Monaghan had a few tries at snookers but it was not to be, and Mill View B were able to celebrate.