Mill View edge out Whitburn

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THE tables were turned when lowly Mill View B and Seaham Knack both produced tremendous results against higher-placed opposition in Division One of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League.

Whitburn were at home to Mill View B, and Phil Freeman with a 36-break and Stephen Burdis with an 83 score gave Whitburn a flying start.

Steve Chandler, of Mill View, is a renowned battler and he took the third 60-31.

John Spruce had a 31-break and levelled when winning the fourth.

Spruce and Chandler were now on a roll and they claimed the match for Mill View by winning the pairs.

Seaham Knack started well against Steels with Glenn Edwards having a 30-break in winning the first frame.

Gary Stockton had a 32-break, but Adam Smith responded with a 31 break of his own to eventually win 78-34.

Gary Dormand restored the lead in the third before Ray Charlton levelled in the fourth.

The deciding fifth frame was the pairs, and the two previous winners for the Knack made it a double to give the Knack a winning 3-2 result.

Pennywell Comrades A won the first frame via Dean Taylor and Dave Adamson responded in the second for Biddick A.

Mark Anderson took the third before the Rod Turnbull levelled the match again.

Stephen O’Wellen and Dean Taylor took the pairs for Pennywell.

Washington Snooker A took the first frame against the Avenue, with Marc Farnsworth being successful before Mark Fox was at his best as he levelled the match.

Kevin Harrop took Avenue into the lead in the third and Bob Fisher was unfortunate in not increasing the lead going down 58-51 on the black.

Boyce and Fox completed a good night for the Avenue when winning the pairs for a 3-2 victory.

Green Baize had a battle before beating Glendale 3-2.

Craig Bell gave the away team a winning start.

Peter Dambrosie won the second for the Baize, and Craig Kane took the third to give the Baize the advantage.

John Danby dampened the run by winning the fourth 66-33 to level, before the strong pairing of Kane and Burn had an easy success in the pairs.

Mill View A had an interesting match against Jordons B with several frames being well contested.

John Burnell had a comfortable result in the first Mill View A, before the second went to the black, with Ritchie Milner, of Jordons, being successful.

Jordons went into the lead with Dan Elliott taking the third.

The fourth frame saw all the reds move over to the bottom pocket as a result of a safety battle in a long frame.

It was Wayne Foreman who gradually gained the upper hand to move ahead and reach the position of only needing one ball to leave snookers.

This brought the best out of Adam Burnell who took the last red and all the colours to win a memorable frame.

The pairs was an anti-climax as Jordons controlled the frame to win well.

Washington Snooker B reduced their deficit against their ‘A’ team by beating Jordons A 3-2.

Graham Rutland played well in the first frame to win 47-3, followed by Gavin Dixon in the second.

Chris Grimmer, of Jordons, controlled the third frame, before resisting a come-back to eventually win on the black.

Mark Bell seemed to have the fourth frame wrapped up, but Kevin Cunningham produced a cracking 27 clearance to win on the black to draw level.

The pairs went to Washington to claim a 3-2 result.

The Second Division has been adjusted as Farringdon informed the League they were dropping out due to a shortage of players.

Washington Snooker C still lead the table, but they were pressed hard by Victory before claiming a 3-2 win.

Darren Dowell got the Victory off to a good start in the first, before John Hall replied for Washington.

Derek Collins took Washington into the lead in the third, before Andy Newby levelled.

The pairs was never in doubt as Washington controlled the frame.

Biddick are now second in the table and present a real challenge to Washington.

Their match against Murton Officials was dominated by Biddick who won 4-1.

Seaham Cons came back into contention with a 4-1 against St Gabriel’s.

Stephen Marratty, Ian Hughes, Gordon Elliott won their singles and Monaghan and Cougle won the pairs, with Steve Hagel the victor for St Gabriel’s.

Martin Ball, of Lumley A, was impressive in winning 80-6 in the first frame followed by Paul Stoves in the second.

Stephen Clementson had a tussle with Joe Nord before winning 72-69.

Eddie Williamson levelled in the fourth before Rushworth and Ball aided by a 40-break, took the pairs for Lumley.

H Clubs are reminded that the monthly meeting will be held at the Avenue on Thursday.

Results – Week 17

Division One: Washington Snooker A 2 Avenue 3, Mill View A 2 Jordons B 3, Pennywell Comrades A 3 Biddick A 2, Seaham Knack 3 Steels A 2, Green Baize 3 Glendale 2, Jordons A 2 Washington Snooker B 3, Whitburn 2 Mill View B 3.

Division Two: Lumley A 3 Murton Vic 2, Seaham Cons 4 St Gabriel’s 1, Washington Snooker C 3 Victory 2, Cheema A 2 Pennywell Comrades C 3, Biddick B 4 Murton Officials 1.


Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snkr A 17 13 4 64

W’ton Snkr B 17 14 3 61

Green Baize 16 14 2 58

Whitburn 17 11 6 58

Glendale 17 11 6 58

The Avenue 17 11 6 39

Steels 16 8 8 39

Biddick A 17 7 10 38

Jordons B 17 8 9 33

Mill View A 17 5 12 31

Pennywell Coms A 17 7 10 30

Seaham Knack 17 3 14 30

Jordons A 17 3 14 24

Mill View B 17 3 14 22

Division Two

P W L Pts

W’ton Snkr C 15 13 2 53

Biddick B 15 13 2 52

Seaham Cons 14 9 5 43

Lumley A 15 9 6 42

Lumley B 13 9 4 39

Murton Vic 14 7 7 35

Pennywell Coms C 14 5 9 31

Railway 14 5 9 31

Cheema 15 6 11 28

Murton Officials 14 4 10 28

St Gabriel’s 15 4 11 24

Victory 14 2 12 21