Martin’s on the Ball

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Lumley A had a tremendous 5-0 win over the Victory to take an advantage to the top of the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League Division Two.

The outstanding performer was Martin Ball, who had breaks of 95 and 36 in his singles frame.

Paul Stoves, Stephen Rushworth and Joe Nord won their single matches. Stoves paired up with Ball to take the pairs.

A big climber this week was Murton Officials, who had a 5-0 away win at Farringdon.

Paul Grant lost out to Manna Singh, who went on to win 70-58.

Robin Midson had a comfortable win against Rob Calvert, to move Murton further ahead.

A missed pink by Dave Robinson was costly as Stan Laws went on to win 59-53. Another tough frame slipped away from Colin Wrathmall as it was Jimmy Ashcroft who emerged the victor.

Wrathmall and Robinson completed a bad night as Ashcroft and Singh took the pairs 44-33.

Cheemas were away to Murton Big Club, and shared the first two frames, with Anth Longstaff for Cheema and Eddie Williamson the winner for Murton.

John Longstaff and Gurd Cheema won their singles, then Longstaff and Cheema took the pairs for a 4-1 Cheema win.

Lumley B started well as Alex Hannan and Thomas Gwynn dominated the first two frames against Mill View B.

John Spruce won the third, before Lee Dixon levelled against Andrew Drinkwater.

A good pairs frame, for the match, saw Tiffin and Roberts give Lumley a 3-2 result.

Biddick B seem determined to correct last season’s disappointment when they narrowly missed promotion by taking all four singles against St Gabriel’s.

Ken Rackstraw and Steve Hagell took the pairs for a consolation point for St Gabriel’s.

Washington Union are finding it difficult on their return to the league and suffered their third defeat as Railway won 3-2.

Gary Turner and Joe Beston took the first two singles and combined in the pairs, in winning for Railway.

Mid Boldon gave Pennywell Comrades B a good game before losing 3-2.

Brian Parkin won 56-48 for Pennywell in the first before Michael Burnikell and Kevin McDermott took the next two. Paul Hanney won the fourth and joined Jason Richards in winning the pairs for a good come back.

Washington Snooker A came back to form with a 4-1 win over Mill View A in the Division One.

Mark Farnsworth won the first before John Burnell levelled.

Norman Leslie and Paul Kinson took the next two singles and joined in winning the pairs.

Washington C kept their place at the top of the table with a 4-1 victory over Pennywell Comrades.

Derek Collins took the first frame against Mark Anderson.

Dean Taylor levelled, before a steady reply from Rof Hoque restored the lead.

Bryan Jeffrey increased the lead with a win over Stu Taylor. A pairs frame was won by Bell and Collins to complete the 4-1 result.

Seaham Knack’s Ian Stewart beat the Avenue’s Graham Ablett, and the Knack increased the lead as Gary Stockton beat Bob Boyce.

This brought a response from Mark Fox, of the Avenue, who reduced the deficit.

Colin Cruddace made the game level before Stewart twinned with Gary Dormand to take the pairs for a 3-2 victory to the Knack.

Glendale defeated Whitburn 4-1. John Danby had a 37 break in winning the first before Jason Rodgers levelled.

Liam Irving took the third, and John Wiseman had a 36 break in winning the fourth before Frank McPartlin and John Danby took the pairs in a good result to Glendale.

Green Baize came back from an unlucky 4-1 defeat last week, with a 4-1 win over Steels.

Adam Smith looked likely to win the first frame for Steels, before a battling Dean Wilson came back to win 59-51 on the colours.

Chris Cowie responded for Steels in winning the second 69-39, before Craig Kane restored the lead in the third.

Jeff Burn is a difficult man to beat these days and he controlled the fourth to put the Baize 3-1 ahead.

The match was completed as Kane and Wilson took the pairs 93-41 in a surprise early finish.

A very strong show by Robert Cougle, who is in superb form, gave Seaham Cons an early lead against Washington Snooker B.

Mark Bell was always in the lead in the second and resisted a come back with a strong finish on the colours.

Stephen Marratty is a good acquisition to the Cons ranks and restored the lead against Gary Bell.

Gordon Elliott took the fourth single for Seaham before Gavin Dixon and Jason Dewar ran away with the pairs 69-9, to restrict the defeat for Washington to a 3-2 result.

Results: Division One: Bye Biddick A, Washington Snooker 4 Mill View A 1, Washington Snooker C 4 Pennywell Comrades A 1, Seaham Knack 3 The Avenue 2, Glendale 4 Whitburn 1, Green Baize 4 Steels 1, Seaham Cons 3 Washington Snooker B 2.

Division Two: Lumley A 5 Victory 0, Washington Union 2 Railway 3, Murton Big Club 1 Cheema A 4, Pennywell Comrades 3 Mid Boldon 2, Biddick B 4 St Gabriels 1, Mill View B 2 Lumley B 3, Farringdon 0 Murton Officials 5.

Division One


Washington Snooker C 3 2 1 11

Seaham Knack 3 2 1 9

Glendale 2 2 0 8

Green Baize 3 2 1 7

Washington Snooker A 2 2 0 7

Seaham Cons 3 1 2 7

Steels 3 2 1 7

Washington Snooker B 3 2 1 7

Whitburn 3 1 2 7

Biddick A 2 2 0 6

The Avenue 2 1 1 5

Pennywell Comrades A 3 0 3 3

Mill View A 2 0 2 4

Division Two

Lumley A 3 3 0 12

Biddick B 3 3 0 11

Lumley B 3 3 0 10

Mill View B 3 2 1 10

Murton Officials 3 1 2 8

Murton Big Club 3 2 1 7

Pennywell Comrades B 3 2 1 7

St Gabriels 3 1 2 7

Railway 3 1 2 7

Cheemas 3 1 2 6

Victory 3 1 2 6

Washington Union 3 0 3 5

Farringdon 3 1 2 4

Mid Boldon 3 0 3 3