Mark Farnsworth keeps Cheema on top

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MARK Farnsworth lead the way for Cheema C in a 4-1 win over Cheema B in the second division of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League.

Anth Longstaff, of the B team, beat Stephen Thompson in the second frame.

However, Anthony Miller and Paul Yuk restored the lead, followed by Yuk and Thompson in the pairs.

Washington B beat Biddick B 4-1.

Gary Bell and Gavin Dixon took the next two singles, followed by Tiffin and Dixon in the pairs.

Glendale lost to Washington C 3-2.

Craig Bell took the first for Glendale before John Hall and Derek Collins responded.

John Danby levelled before Bell and Collins claimed the pairs.

Pennywell C beat Cheema A 3-2, with Brian Parkin and Kevin McDermott taking the first two.

Michael Wolf took the third and joined Gurj Cheema in the pairs.

Ian Hughes took the first frame for Seaham Cons before Gary Turner replied for the Railway.

Michael Monaghan and Gordon Elliot took the next two before Nelson and Beston took the pairs in a 3-2 defeat.

Murton Officials had a 5-0 win against the Victory.

Washington Union beat Murton Vic 3-2.

Steve Hagel won a frame for St Gabriel’s when they lost 4-1 to Farringdon B.

In the First Division, Whitburn won 3-2 and still command a decent lead.

Mark Bell, of Washington A, beat Paul Garvin in the first.

Steve Burdis, Phil Freeman and John Smith took the next three singles before Bell and Office took the pairs.

Hylton A and Steel met with Hylton winning 4-1.

Woodside B lost the first frame as Mark Fox, of the Avenue, beat Tom Stavers, followed by a second by Emma Wilkinson.

A good recovery by Woodside win 3-2.

Carl Davis took the first for Mill View B, but Keith Johnston won the second for Mill View A team.

Davies and Burnell took the pairs for a 3-2 to the A team.

Pennywell A lost 4-1 to Green Baize.

Tom Feenan took the first frame for Farringdon A, followed by Mick McLoughlin the second.

Ian Stewart took the third. Carl Grimmer won the fourth for Woodside before Feenan and McLoughlin took the pairs.

Mick Riley gave Biddick A an early lead before Dean Taylor replied for Pennywell B.

Adamson and Riley claimed the pairs to win the match 3-2.

H Clubs are reminded that the monthly meeting will be at the Avenue on January 26, when the next round of the competitions will be available.

Results: Division One: Farringdon A 4 Woodside A 1, Seaham Knack 3 Hylton B 2, Pennywell Comrades A 1 Green Baize 4, Mill View A 3 Mill View B 2, Biddick A 3 Pennywell Comrades B 2, Hylton A 4 Steels A 1, Whitburn 3 Washington Snooker A 2.

Division Two: Pennywell Comrades C 3 Cheema A 2, Murton Officials 5 Victory 0, Washington Snooker B 4 Biddick B 1, Railway 2 Seaham Cons 3, Glendale 2 Washington Snooker C 3, Washington Union 3 Murton Vic 2, St Gabriel’s 1 Farringdon B 4, Cheema B 1 Cheema C 4.