Lumley open up a healthy lead

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IN the Second Division of the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League, Lumley A have established a four point lead over their main challenger Mill View B.

The first frame in the match between Lumley ad Murton Officials sprang a surprise as the veteran Robin Midson beat Paul Stoves, but it was one way traffic after that as Lumley took all the remaining frames.

Stephen Rushworth in the second, Joe Nord in the third, and Martin Ball in the fourth, followed by Stoves and Ball in the pairs to give Lumley a 4-1 victory.

It was a club double as Lumley B beat Washington Union 5-0, although, three of the frames were well contested.

Thomas Gwynn beat Peter Stafford, Andrew Drinkwater defeated Brian McDonald, Don Roberts won 63-30 in the third and a 29 break by Alex Hanna was enough in winning the fourth 78-23.

A close 51-39 pairs frame went to Lumley.

Mill View B suffered their second loss of the season when visiting Murton Big Club.

Steven Jennings was always in control for the home team in the first before Adrian Daniel levelled.

Lee Dixon was unfortunate when a 22 break broke down when a red rested on a knuckle, with the white in perfect position on the black with a good possibility of increasing the break.

Eddie Wililamson took full advantage with two blacks, and steadily powered his way to a convincing victory with good potting and safety play that left little chance of his opponent recovering.

A good frame between Stephen Clementson and John Spruce went to the wire, before Spruce levelled for Mill View.

Clementson and Williamson took the pairs with Williamson again impressive to register a 3-2 win for Murton.

Railway took the first two frames against St Gabriel’s with Joe Beston in the first, and a good recovery by Gary Turner in the second after needing a 22 break to reduce the deficit.

Tony Grimes was on top in the third to start a fight back, with a good fourth frame between Norman Lynn and Ken Rackstraw going to Rackstraw 56-54.

Rackstraw built up a good early lead and survived a tremendous recovery as Lynn came back after needing snookers and taking the brown, blue and pink, only to see Rackstraw win on the black.

Comrades came back from two down after Michael Simpson in the first, and Peter Mills aided by a 40 break has given Biddick B the lead.

Kevin McDermott and David Burnikell took the next two close frames to level and the 3-2 victory came to Pennywell as Clark and Parkin won the pairs 61-53.

A 33 break by Andy Newby put the Victory on the right path in the first, followed by John Porter in the second, and a 25 by John Butler helped him win the third for a 3-0 advantage.

Mid Boldon replied as Paul Hanney took the fourth, and he twinned with Nathan Row to win the pairs.

A rare 3-2 defeat for Washington Snooker A has not dented their hold on Division One, as none of their rivals capitalised and made up ground.

Adam Smith, of Steels, was in superb form in a 77-8 success in the first frame, Chris Cowie 70-19 in the second and Tom Ayre 67-24 to shake Washington to the core.

It took Norman Leslie with a 72-12 to claim a frame for the home team, and he followed on in the pairs with Jimmy Gales to rescue another point.

Green Baize started well against Washington C, with Dean fluking the pink to win the first frame, after Bryan Jeffrey had made a late charge in reducing the deficit.

Roful Hoque, of Washington, was always in charge as he dominated the second frame, winning 72-32 against Peter Danbrosie.

The run of the green helped Craig Kane, who played well in restoring the lead in the third, and the match was levelled again as Derek Collins came back from 30 behind to beat Jeff Burn 62-40.

A good competitive night of snooker was decided as Collins and Bell won the pairs 58-36 for Washington.

Seaham Knack found themselves behind to Glendale with Liam Irving again playing confidently in the first.

Gary Stockton had a 20 break to level, but his effort was nullified as Frank McPartlin replied with a 24 to restore the lead in the third and that was increased as John Wiseman won the fourth.

It was to be Glendale’s night as McPartlin and Danby had a 51-16 success in the pairs.

Seaham Cons and Pennywell A had a interesting match with Michael Monaghan, Robert Cougle and Gordon Elliott winning their singles for the Cons, and Joe Turner replied for Pennywell.

A very close 44-41 pairs frame went to Pennywell in a 3-2 defeat.

In a well-fought match between Mill View A and Whitburn, the total points scored was 283-221 to Whitburn that brought them an astonishing 5-0 success.

Graham Smith gave Biddick A an early lead with a 47-43 win against Bob Boyce, of the Avenue, before Colin Cruddace had a 27 break to level.

Mark Fox took the Avenue into the lead in the third, with the match levelled again as Dave Adamson claimed the frame.

The deciding pairs frame to determine the match result was very close, until Mike Riley had a 41 break to give Biddick the 3-2 win.

Results: Division One: Washington Snooker A 2 Steels 3, Mill View A 0 Whitburn 5, Biddick A 3 The Avenue 2, Seaham Cons 3 Pennywell Comrades A 2, Washington Snooker C 3 Green Baize 2, Seaham Knack 1 Glendale 4.

Division Two: Lumley A 4 Murton Officials 1, Washington Union 0 Lumley B 5, Railway 2 St Gabriel’s 3, Victory 3 Mid Boldon 2, Murton Big Club 3 Mill View B 2, Pennywell Comrades B 3 Biddick B 2.

Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League

Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snooker A 19 16 3 65

Green Baize 20 11 9 59

Seaham Knack 19 14 5 57

Whitburn 19 10 9 49

W’ton Snooker B 17 12 5 48

Steels 19 9 10 48

Seaham Cons 20 9 11 47

W’ton Snooker C 20 9 11 46

Biddick A 19 8 11 43

The Avenue 19 9 10 42

Glendale 20 7 13 40

Mill View A 18 7 11 31

Pennywell Coms A 17 2 15 24

Division Two

Lumley A 20 17 3 72

Mill View B 19 17 2 68

Biddick B 19 13 6 62

Lumley B 19 16 3 61

Murton Big Club 20 12 8 50

Railway 19 10 9 50

Cheema 19 10 9 45

St Gabriel’s 20 7 13 4

Victory 19 8 11 41

Mid Boldon 20 3 17 37

Pennywell Coms B 20 6 14 36

W’ton Union 19 4 15 31

Murton Officials 19 3 16 29