Lumley A and Steels B cancel each other out

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Lumley A and Steels B, the main contenders in Group Three of the Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker Summer League, couldn’t be separated as the match ended in an exciting 2-2 draw.

Ken Haley had a terrific result for Steels when he beat Paul Stove in the first frame, before a 69 break by Martin Bell was sufficient to give the second frame to Lumley.

Jim Gales controlled the third for Steels and the match was drawn as Stoves and Ball dominated in winning the pairs.

Green Baize had Peter Dambrosie, Craig Kane and Jeff Burn as their team against Pennywell A and good results in the three singles took them into a 3-0 lead.

Burn and Kane, the winter finalist in the pairs competition, faced Joe Turner and Stephen O’Wellen in the last frame, hoping to complete the whitewash, but their hopes were dashed as the Pennywell pairing rescued a point.

Farringdon had Rob Calvert to thank, as a 38 break in the first frame gave them an early advantage against Murton Officials.

Paul Grant and Paul Tate won the next two to increase their lead, and Grant and Calvert won a tight pairs frame 65-52 for a 4-0 win.

With only one week to go before the next stage of the Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League is reached, outright places into the quarter finals cannot yet be confirmed as the results next week will decide the home draws.

In Group One, Seaham Knack are sure to be involved, with the other places seemingly between Lumley and Cheemas.

In a tremendously competitive Group Two, Seaham Conservatives, the Avenue and Mill View B all have 21 points with the Victory only two points behind in fourth place.

In Group Four, Lumley A and Steels B will be involved, as only Green Baize can catch Steels if results go their way, but Steels have won more games.

The final outcome in Group Two, is difficult to forecast, as results have fluctuated between the top teams in an exciting season.

Seaham Cons still hold the top place due to most games won, and their 3-1 away win at the Victory could prove to be a decisive performance.

Gordon Elliot had a tough game in the first against Andy Newby, winning 60-43 before Darren Dowell took the second 58-27 against Ian Hughes.

Les Pinder took the Cons back into the lead in the third with victory over Anth Kemp.

Michael Monaghan joined Robert Cougle in winning the pairs.

Mill View B came back into the reckoning after last week’s defeat when they won 4-0 at Pennywell.

Aidan Daniel had a good result for Mill View in the first, although Kevin McDermott had some unfortunate bad luck during the frame.

Ian McDermott looked a threat in the second before Norman Brown had an inspired game, potting a series of over 20 breaks to eventually win comfortably.

A more competitive game came in the third, with John Spruce clearing the handicap deficit before Michael Burnikell staged a come back.

It was only on the colours that Spruce regained the lead for Mill View.

An entertaining pairs frame saw Spruce and Bate claim the point after a close contest, with the result being decided when Spruce had a fluke on the green which led to victory.

The Avenue came into the top group by beating Steels A 3-1, with Bob Boyce leading the way with a 44 break in the first, to beat Tom Ayre.

Ray Charlton levelled when he defeated Mark Fox. Kevin Harrop restored the lead in the third, and Boyce and Abblet completed the result in winning the pairs for Avenue.

H Club representatives are reminded to bring the forms, with the players names for registration into the Winter League at the next monthly meeting.

The A.G.M. will be held at the Avenue, on Thursday, August 1.

Candidates for the positions of Officials and Committee Members should forward their names to Vince Flynn for entry onto the agenda.

Results – Group One: Seaham Knack 3 Railway 1, Cheemas 3 Murton Big Club 1, Bye 0 Lumley B 0. Group Two: Penny Coms B 0 Mill View B 4, Victory 1 Seaham Cons 3, Steels A 1 Avenue 3. Group Three: Lumley A 2 Steels B 2, Farringdon 4 Murton Officials 0, Green Baize 3 Penny Coms A 1.

Group 1


Seaham Knack 7 3 0 4 18

Lumley B 7 3 1 3 16

Cheema 7 3 1 3 13

Railway 8 1 5 2 13

Murton Big Club 7 2 5 0 5

Group 2

Seaham Cons 9 5 1 3 21

Avenue 9 4 2 3 21

Mill View B 9 3 1 5 21

Victory 9 3 3 3 19

Steels A 9 2 6 1 14

Penny Coms B 9 1 5 3 12

Group 3

Lumley A 9 5 0 4 23

Steels B 9 5 2 2 22

Green Baize 9 2 1 6 18

Farringdon A 9 2 5 2 14

Penny Coms A 8 1 5 2 11

Murton Officials 8 2 4 2 9