League leaders suffer defeats

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Washington A and Lumley A, top of their respetive Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League’s, both succumbed to 3-2 defeats.

Paul Kirsop took the first frame against Peter Dambrosie, of Green Baize, and the lead was increased by Steve Thompson.

Craig Kane replied by claiming the third and Jeff Burn squared the match.

The pairs frame was destined to decide the result, and Kane and Burn came though victors for Baize.

Washington C won 4-1 agaisnt Seaham Knack, winning 4-1.

Bryan Jeffrey and Ian Stewart were matched, but it was Jeffrey who potted a good black to win 56-47.

Another tight frame saw Roful Hoque come back against Glen Edwards, before Edwards clinched the frame on a black. A second frame went to Washington as Hoque secured the frame.

Derek Collins was always in control to move the home team further ahead.

John Hall took the fourth before Stewart and Stockton had a fluke on the blue to take the pairs.

Mill View A had Washington B as visitors and lost out 4-1.

The home team went two behind before John Burnell beat Graham Rutland to pull one back.

Gavin Dixon restored the lead and Rutland and Bell took the pairs for Washington.

The Avenue produced the goods in a 5-0 victory.

Graham Ablett won the first, before Mark Fox dominated the second, Colin Cruddace took the third and Kevin Harrop clinched the result. Fox and Boyce were not to be outdone and they took the pairs with aplomb.

Biddick A found Adam Smith in good form for Steels after he took the first frame. Tom Ayre took the second for the visitors, before Graham Smith replied for Biddick.

Rod Turnbull levelled and Mike Riley twinned with Terry Froud to complete the come back in winning the pairs for a 3-2 success.

Pennywell A lost the first three frames as Craig Barron, Jason Rodgers and Ernie Lunney played well for Whitburn. Joe Turner beat John Smith in a high scoring 75-56 frame, and joined his brother Alf in winning the pairs.

Second Division leaders Lumley A saw Martin Bell clinch the first frame, followed by Paul Stoves in the second.

Needing a reply brought the best out of Peter Mills, of Biddick B, and he took command to win the third.

Michael Simpson joined in the come back to level.

The pairs frame had Ball and Stoves against Lewins and Walton, and it was the Biddick pair who won.

Club pride was restored as Lumley B visited the Victory and they saw Alex Hannan win 61-6.

Terry Gwynn took the second, and the third followed as Brian Meuse left his opponent speechless.

Gerard Porter pushed Richard Tiffin all the way before losing 47-40.

Drinkwater and Roberts completed the whitewash to keep Lumley in contention for the late stages.

Good luck helped Mill View B against Washington Union, as two flukes contributed to a 5-0 success.

Aidan Daniel took the first, before John Spruce won 52-49.

Lee Dixon commanded the third before Steve Chandler had a fluke on the colours in a 56-39 win.

A close pairs between McDonald and Stafford and Spruce and Brown saw Washington get the snooker they needed, before Brown took the pink for the game.

Murton Officials did not produce their normal form on the Railway table, and suffered accordingly as the Railway had easy wins in all five frames.

Near neighbours Cheema and St Gabriel’s had a 3-2 score after Gurd Cheema and James Hair had taken the first two frames for the home team.

Tony Grimes took the third for the Saints, before Lee Campion replied for Cheema.

A hard pairs saw Rackstraw and Hagel of St Gabriel’s beat Longstaff and Longstaff.

H The monthly meeting will be held at the Avenue on Thursday, April 3, when the draw foe the Knock-outs will be available, giving dates and venues for the finals.

Representatives are reminded that confirmation of teams wishing to enter the Summer Season are required.

Also the names of the players to be submitted to the handicap meeting that is open to any player interested in attending.

Results: Division One: Washington Snooker A 2 Green Baize 3, Mill View A 1 Washington Snooker B 4, Biddick A 3 Steels 2, Pennywell Comrades A 2 Whitburn 3, Seaham Cons 0 The Avenue 5, Washington Snooker C 4 Seaham Knack 1.

Division Two: Lumley A 2 Biddick B 3, Washington Union 0 Mill View B 5, Railway 5 Murton Officials 0, Victory 0 Lumley B 5, Cheema 3 St Gabriel’s 2, Murton Big Club 4 Pennywell Comrades B 1.

Danby Autos Sunderland Snooker League Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snkr A 21 17 4 70

Green Baize 21 12 9 62

Seaham Knack 21 15 6 61

Whitburn 21 12 9 55

W’ton Snkr B 19 13 6 54

Steels 21 10 11 54

W’ton Snkr C 22 11 11 53

The Avenue 21 11 10 52

Seaham Cons 22 9 13 49

Biddick A 21 9 12 48

Glendale 21 7 14 42

Mill View A 20 7 13 33

Pennywell Coms A 19 2 17 26

Division Two

Lumley A 22 18 4 77

Mill View B 21 18 3 75

Lumley B 21 18 3 70

Biddick B 21 15 6 68

Murton Big Club 22 13 9 56

Railway 21 11 10 56

Cheema 21 12 9 51

St Gabriel’s 22 7 15 48

Victory 21 9 12 44

Mid Boldon 21 3 18 39

Pennywell Coms B 21 6 15 37

W’ton Union 21 4 17 33

Murton Officials 21 4 17 32